I have been a mum of a teenager for 5 weeks now. The transition from tween to teen has happened, and I am still standing. I know its such a cliché, but the last 13 years really have gone in a blink of an eye. Whilst the baby years, toddler years and the primary school years are really important, the teenage years will really shape the man he will become. A MAN. How hard is it to think about your children becoming adults. Letting them loose into the world, thinking and doing things on their own 2 feet.

From tween to teen

From tween to teen

Lately I have been thinking about the future for him.… Continue reading

A week and a half into the school routine and already the summer holidays seem a distant memory. As August is all about the kids, sunshine, holidays and spending far too much money, I decided to hand this post over to them.

My 5 awesome things by Morgan aged 13

Clay pigeon shooting in Scotland

Clay Pigeon Shooting – This was something I had never done before. It was harder than it looked and the best bit was beating my dad.

My birthday – best thing about having your birthday in August is definitely no school.

Scotland – We were in Scotland for my birthday and stayed in a lodge with a Seaview.  … Continue reading

This week it was my little blogs birthday. During the summer holidays of 2013, I began to look into starting my own blog. My hours in work were dropping to 10 hours a week, and I needed a distraction to keep me away from the ironing and housework. Blogging seemed the answer, and I knew I wanted to focus on our travels and adventures as a family. I spent the summer holidays researching ‘starting a blog’. Which platform would be the best…. WordPress or Blogger ? Looking at endless themes and thinking of a domain name. And on 7th September 2013, I published my first post, all about our adventures during the summer holidays.… Continue reading

During the summer months I spend my time gazing at other people’s gardens on instagram. Large sprawling gardens with an abundance of colour make me very jealous. If I could change anything about our home, it would be a larger garden. Actually I would also love an ensuite but I won’t be greedy.

We have lived in our house for 15 years, and over that time we have added a decking area which we use to dine al fresco (which happens about twice a year with our wonderful weather). Our garden is triangular shape, so we try and make the most of the space we have.  … Continue reading

This is my first time linking up with the lovely Katie from mummydaddyme for the ‘Ordinary Moments’. Katie has an amazing talent for capturing the ordinary everyday moments.  Those moments that stop you in your tracks and make you feel grateful. The simple things that make us smile. Whilst our summer has been the usual whirl of holidays and days out, I wanted to remember some of the more calmer moments. The moments which have made us all smile over the summer holidays.

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Playing scrabble

When you have a teen, the only games they want to play are attached to a media device.… Continue reading

It’s not often we get the chance to spend a large amount of time with just 1 child, but last weekend it was just us and the tween. Katie was off to cub camp for 2 nights, which meant we only had to parent 1 child for the whole weekend. A weekend of not stepping in to break up arguments/play fighting. Ah bliss. Of course we would miss the little lady, but I was really looking forward to spending time with just the tween. As is the natural progression to becoming a teenager, I would know that one day he would roll his eyes at spending time with ‘the parents’.… Continue reading