Fairtrade Fortnight has been running from the 24th February to the 12th March, and what better way to celebrate than with Seed and Bean chocolate bars. I had never heard of Seed and Bean before, but the first thing that struck me was how gorgeous their packaging is. And secondly how amazing the chocolate sounded. Chilli and Lime, Sweet Orange and Thyme, and Sicilian Hazelnut are just some of the flavours they produce.

Seed and Bean chocolate

What I loved about Seed and Bean is the ethics of the brand. They are 100% Fairtrade and their chocolate can be traced from field to store.… Continue reading

One of the things we vowed to do this year was to mix up our meals and change our cooking habits. I don’t mean having breakfast at dinner time, though I am partial to a bowl of cereal around 9pm. As I shop online I tend to just buy the same products each week, and had got into a rut of cooking the same meals. I was bored cooking them, and the kids were bored of eating them. So when I was given the opportunity to try HelloFresh, it couldn’t have come at a better time for us.

Hello Fresh Family Box

HelloFresh is a recipe box service which gets delivered to your home.… Continue reading

Katie is in her final year at primary school, which can only mean one thing…….. SATS. It seems that the minute they start year 6, working towards the SATS is very much part of the curriculum.  Thankfully Katie is fully embracing the SATS tests which will be happening in May, and enjoys going to her SATS Booster club on a Wednesday. She also loves quizzes (she gets her competitive streak from her dad), so combining SATS with fun things to do is a win win for her.Sats

This is where Education Quizzes comes in. A website that offers fun, yet educational quizzes written by teachers.… Continue reading

What do you buy the child who loves Bratz Dolls ? From the funky clothes to the huge shoe collection they seem to have, my 10 year old loves everything about her Bratz dolls. So when I was offered a Bratz doll on a HOVERBOARD, I knew she would be jumping up and down with excitement.

Bratz Hoverboard

Cloe and Yasmin can be found whizzing around on their hoverboards, that not only light up but can also do some seriously cool 360 moves. We were sent Yasmin who is dressed in a cool cropped top, checked skirt and some funky shoes which my daughter loved. … Continue reading

The husband and I are fairly lucky. We have always been on regular dates since meeting in 1999, and with the addition of the kids my mum has always been happy to babysit. However at home we are guilty of spending far too much time on our phones, or watching different programmes on Netflix. Add in blogging work during the evenings, and the only conversation we can sometimes have is ‘do you fancy a cuppa’. So when I was offered the chance to review a Date Night box, I jumped at the opportunity.

Date night subscription box

Date Night is a subscription service that offers ‘A surprise date in the post every month’.… Continue reading

A few weeks ago, I was invited to spend the evening with a fantastic group of bloggers at a Hotter Shoe event. Now before I tell you a little bit about Hotter shoes, I wanted to let you in on a secret. I really dislike buying shoes. Yes I am not your typical woman who gazes adoringly at pretty shoes in shop windows, or has a wardrobe full of the latest styles. Shoes for me are items that go on your feet and get you from A to B.

The Hotter bus

This all stems from my childhood, as my feet differed by a whole shoe size.… Continue reading

My 10 year old daughter loves being creative, so when she was asked to review the brand new Gel-A-Peel kits from MGA Entertainment, she was very excited. Creating your own jewellery with Gel-A-Peel has never been easier. You just simply design, peel, wear and share your designs with all your friends. The Gel-A-Peel kit we received is the perfect pack to get you started. It included 5 cool Gel-A-Peel tubes, a selection of nozzles which help you create different patterns, design templates, and items to help you create earrings and other accessories.

Gel-A-Peel deluxe setContinue reading

I have written before how Katie LOVES dolls and will play with them every single day. She spends hours being creative with her collection, and just today they have all been in the garden taking part in the ‘Doll Olympics’. I love how real life will spill over into doll world, and I am sure we will be seeing a Barbie, Bratz or Monster High doll picking up a gold medal in the next few weeks. Overseeing the ‘Doll Olympics’ is Katie’s newest doll, Shizuka from the Shibajuku doll range.

Shibajuku Doll

Shibajuku Doll

Shizuku is certainly a doll with a difference. The first thing that struck both Katie and I, was Shizuku had huge glass eyes that were a different colour.… Continue reading

Subscription boxes seem to be extremely popular at the moment, and we were very excited to be offered the opportunity to review Little Passports. The aim of Little Passports is to teach and inspire your child about the world, by offering 2 different subscriptions. Early Explorers is aimed at children 3 to 6, and the World Edition is for ages 6 to 10.

Little Passports suitcase

As Katie is 10 we chose the World Edition on a 3 month subscription plan which costs £10 (plus £3.95 postage) per month. This plan enables you to cancel anytime. They also offer a 6 month plan for £50 (plus £17.70 postage), and a 12 month plan for £90 (plus £35.40 postage).… Continue reading

I love getting rid of unwanted items around the home, and I tend to have a big clear out every 6 months. I hate clutter and you will always find a half full charity bag under our stairs. But I also LOVE selling online, and twice a year I have a huge EBay selling session. Clothes, brand new beauty products and good condition small toys get listed, as I know I can easily package them up and send them through the postal system.

But what about larger items that I may want to sell ? I have always dismissed selling bigger things as I think that a) it would be too much hassle to send them and b) far too expensive.… Continue reading