With our trip to Greece just over a week away, I have spent the past few nights organising our holiday wardrobe. We have a few essentials still to get like suntan lotion, and I am sure I can sneak a few more new dresses into the suitcase.  Whilst I love holiday shopping and browsing the shops for the latest Spring trends, my husband HATES the shops. Preferring the comfort of his own home and a laptop to do his holiday shopping.

He is a creature of comfort when it comes to fashion and style,  his favourite colour being blue and beige. I swear that his wardrobe is 60% blue checked shirts, and believe me over the past 16 years I have tried to get him to wear different colours. So it came as no surprise that when he was browsing the Jacamo website for some holiday inspiration, he came up with these 2 outfits which he really liked.

Holiday fashion for men

  1. Williams and Brown Polo Shirt £12
  2. Luke Sport Cargo Shorts £65
  3. Nike Suede Trainers £55
  4. Jacamo Printed Shirt £20
  5. Williams and Brown Linen Trousers £30
  6. Joe Browns Derby Shoe £40

As we are going to a luxury resort, he wanted a smart/casual look for the daytime. Comfortable enough for days on the beach, but also smart enough for popping to lunch at the Michelin starred restaurants on the resort. And as Greece gets cooler in the evenings, long trousers are a must.

After being bundled up in jumpers and scarves for what seems like forever, I am looking forward to seeing him in his new holiday clothes. Now I just need to get through a few shopping trips with my 11 year old daughter, and I can concentrate on the packing. Something tells me that it won’t be as relaxed as my husband’s ‘online shopping trip’, which he managed with a glass of wine in hand.