Fairtrade Fortnight has been running from the 24th February to the 12th March, and what better way to celebrate than with Seed and Bean chocolate bars. I had never heard of Seed and Bean before, but the first thing that struck me was how gorgeous their packaging is. And secondly how amazing the chocolate sounded. Chilli and Lime, Sweet Orange and Thyme, and Sicilian Hazelnut are just some of the flavours they produce.

Seed and Bean chocolate

What I loved about Seed and Bean is the ethics of the brand. They are 100% Fairtrade and their chocolate can be traced from field to store. 100% organic bars that are packed full of natural flavourings and suitable for vegetarians. The majority of the bars are also suitable for vegans. And would you believe that the gorgeous packaging is made from Eucalyptus leaves in Cumbria, making it compostable.

100% Cocoa Seed and Bean Chocolate

So did the chocolate taste as good as it sounds ?

As I broke into the bar of the Pumpkin Seeds and Hemp Oil, the rich chocolate smell hit me. And then so did my conscience as I had promised to give chocolate up for lent. But we all know that tasting chocolate for ‘work purposes’ is allowed, plus there was no way I could wrap the bar back up.

Seed and Bean chocolate

OH MY the chocolate was so good. Being 72% Cocoa you only need a few bites to appreciate the flavours of the bar. It was full of pumpkin seeds which you can see when you turn the bar over. To be honest I have no idea what Hemp Oil should taste like, but I could definitely taste the pumpkin seeds.

Chocolate with Pumpkin seeds

The bar was finished later on that evening, and a few days ago we also tried the Cornish Sea Salt. I say ‘we’ as I had to share this with my husband. It’s funny as you think salt shouldn’t really work with chocolate, but it SO does.

I can’t wait to try the other flavours I was kindly sent, and have my eye on the Raspberry and Coconut bar next. Just the perfect way to treat yourself at the end of the day.

Seed and Bean Chocolate

You can find more information about Seed and Bean on their website where you can see the full range of flavours, and order online.

Thank you to Seed and Bean for sending me the chocolate bars for the purpose of this review.