Last month we went to our very first family festival which was a very exciting experience for my 10 year old.  Where else can you wear a flower headband and fluorescent face paint.

Flowers at Geronimo

A few days after we were sent a Bratz doll from the fantastic Festival Vibes collection. The five Bratz girls Sasha, Cloe, Jade, Yasmin and Raya are counting down the days until the star studded annual Bratz music festival. Each doll has a different style which is inspired by their favourite genre of music. We were sent Raya who loves rad retro swing tunes, and comes dressed in a rather funky outfit.

Bratz Festival Vibes Doll

Bratz Festival Dolls

As well as the Bratz doll you also get a change of clothes (just incase it gets a little muddy at the festival), and all important accessories such as a festival hat, phone, brush, musical note earrings, sunglasses and of course a festival wristband.

Bratz Festival Vibe Doll

To get us in the festival spirit we were also sent a flower headband to make. Katie really enjoyed this activity, and afterwards she was eager to get into the garden to set her Bratz Festival up. In true typical festival style it started raining, and the festival was rained off for another day.

Flower Headband

Thankfully the next evening the festival happened, and as you can see it took over my decking. I should have charged them an entrance fee, I would have made a fortune.

Bratz Festival

Bratz Festival

Bratz Dolls

I have posted before about how much Katie loves Bratz dolls. They really do enhance her creativity, and at 10 she still plays with her dolls every day. The Bratz Festival Vibes are a great addition, and no doubt with festival season approaching they will be very popular.

We were sent a Bratz doll for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own.