CinemaOn Wednesday evening my son and husband went to the cinema. They both LOVE watching films and I thought it would be nice for the 2 of them to spend some ‘man’ time together, without the women folk of the family getting in the way. When they got in they told me about the film and it seemed they had a good night together. Then later on my husband said that our son had not sat with him and had sat on his own. He even got the ticket from his dad (after of course dad had paid) and entered the cinema by himself.

This upset me that my son had chosen not to sit with his dad on a rare night out just the two of them. It also upset me that my husband had allowed it to happen. I took to twitter thinking that maybe this was no big deal and I was just doing the usual ‘mum’ overreacting thing. But no other mums agreed with me. Maybe my son was just showing his independence, and that instead of being upset maybe I should be happy that he is confident to be able to walk into a cinema and sit by himself. You know what, I don’t think I could do that.

I know that over the next few years as he becomes a teenager, spending time with us will become less important (hell maybe even non existent), and as a parent that is hard to accept. But I will try and think back to my happy teenage years, where I lived in my room and spent all my waking hours talking to my friends. I just want to cling on to family times as much as possible. Be it a cinema trip or a family game of UNO.

7 Thoughts on “Sitting alone at the Cinema

  1. I would be upset if my son had done that. It sounds like it would of been brilliant for them to spend sometime together. Has your son got an explanation? Even if they weren’t father and son he should know that in the outside world it wouldn’t be acceptable to behave like that. I know that sounds tough but if you went out with a friend, they paid for the evening and you went elsewhere they would be insulted. I know the teenage years are tough but not sure they should use it as an excuse to behave badly. Sorry for sounding harsh.

  2. Thanks for your comment Susan. No he couldnt offer an explanation. I did say that if me and him went out for say a meal and I chose to sit by myself – how would he feel and he said he would feel upset. He did apologise to his dad so I think he maybe felt like he was doing nothing wrong at the time but has been thinking about it after x

  3. Try not to be too upset – My thoughts are that your son must be a very self confident and assured young man to have the presence of mind to sit on his own. Be proud! I’m desperate to be able to take my 2 yo to the cinema – her older sisters would love to go regularly but T is just too young to enjoy it yet. Hx

  4. Hopefully he now realises he shouldn’t have done it and will have many future trips out with his dad where they enjoy spending time together.

  5. sarahmo3w on November 10, 2013 at 9:05 am said:

    I think it is so sad that he chose to do that! My 12 year old still comes to the cinema with me and his younger brother and sister and sits with us. I see kids of his age in their with their friends and wonder if he’d rather be doing that instead. He’s welcome to go with his friends too, but if he comes with us, I would expect him to sit with us! As you say, they’re growing up fast.

  6. I would of been upset if it was me too but who knows what goes on in the inner workings of a growing boys mind!

  7. I’d be really upset if I had just paid for a ticket and the person didn’t sit with me. It’s really rude. I think you need to tell your Son that family is important and it’s important to spend time together.

    Kate (NW Bloggers)
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