Life can be so busy can’t it. What with working, organising a home, and being a constant taxi service to a teen and tween, I am often counting the minutes until I can relax in bed. And with the kids getting older and going to bed later, I often find myself in bed before the teen. Thankfully our bedroom is my place to relax. Just give me a book, a cup of tea and a scented candle and I am happy.

Primark cushion

But one thing is missing from my tranquil haven…. an ensuite.  An ensuite where I could indulge in a nightly bath, complete with Jo Malone Candles and Molton Brown Bubble Bath. A place where nobody is going to barge in and use the toilet. A place where I don’t have to stare at Monster High Shower Gel, and Stormtrooper bath products.

And this is where I continue to dream. By moving our bedroom into the loft, this would give us an amazing space for a master bedroom and that all important ensuite.  Our loft is a huge space, and has the added bonus of being completely clutter free. We are lucky to have a 2nd loft space which is filled with Christmas trees, old toys and camping equipment.

Obviously a loft conversion doesn’t just happen overnight, but it’s never too early to start gathering bedroom ideas on a Pinterest board is there. Just don’t tell the husband. And Build Me have some fantastic advice on their website, Attic conversion: Where to start. Advice on thinking about how you are going to use your new loft space, to whether you need planning permission for the work.

The bedroom would have a soft grey and white theme, with a huge King Size bed in the middle of the room. We would need to add VELUX windows to bring light in. And to stop the early morning sunrise from waking us, VELUX Blackout Blinds would be a must. The grey and white theme would continue in the ensuite, with my most luxurious item, a Jacuzzi Bath.

At the moment I can only dream of my tranquil loft conversion and my Jo Malone Candles. But who knows, sometimes dreams do become realities.