Having just finished redecorating our bedroom, I know that pretty soon my thoughts will be turning to our garden. Our poor garden has been unloved all over the winter, and it needs some serious spring maintenance. The decking needs repainting, a few of the fence panels need fixing, hanging baskets need replanting, and the leaves and rubbish that have gathered over the winter months need clearing away.

My Dream Garden

I know that once the garden is looking its best, I will look forward to picnic lunches outside with the kids, and enjoying a glass of wine with the husband on a balmy summer evening. Whilst I love our garden, I often dream of a much bigger space. Our garden is fairly small, and with it being triangular in shape, we are limited as to what we can do with it. On a hot sunny day you might find me lazing in the garden, dreaming of a bigger space, and what I would fill my dream garden with.

Top of my list would definitely be a hot tub. When we go away in the UK, we always try and choose a lodge that has a hot tub on the decking. There is no better feeling than sinking into the bubbles at the end of the day, of course with a glass of wine in your hand. If I had a bigger garden, I would definitely fill it with a hot tub.

Covered Hot tub

A summer house would also be pretty high up on my list. My best friend has recently added one to her garden, and it’s an amazing space. A place to relax with friends, and also where her teenagers can retreat to when they want some peace and quiet.

A garden full of colour. Every year I feel that our garden lacks colour, and apart from my hanging basket and a few pots, it’s pretty dull. I would fill my dream garden with hanging baskets, bursting with all the colours of the rainbow. I just need to remember that I need to water them, as I am an expert at killing our plants.

My dream garden would definitely be filled with artificial grass. When we first moved into our house 17 years ago, we quickly realised that the grass was never going to survive. We put decking on that part of the garden, and whilst I love our decked area, I do miss the feeling of grass under your feet on a summers day.

Decking in the Garden

A bigger shed to house all the kid’s bikes, left over pots of paint, ladders, tools, and all the other household junk that fills a shed. Ours is certainly bursting at the seams, and a bigger one would be fantastic.

What would be on your list for your dream garden ? Or do you already have your dream garden ?

This is a collaborative post