When we were asked to review Strand Bands recently, I knew this would be perfect for my 9 year old daughter. The Strand Bands set comes complete with charms and stretchy bands. These can then be used to create bracelets, rings or even Barbie necklaces using the Strand Styler included.

photo (46)

We set aside an evening after school to get creative with the Strand Bands. Once all the products are removed from the box, you are faced with the instructions. I found the instructions to be totally confusing at 41, so I have no idea how a 6 year old would … Continue reading

I have spent the last few weeks glued to the Easyjet app, waiting patiently for their next batch of flights to be released. Upon returning from Majorca back in April, I was looking at flights for April 2016. I was in shock that the flights were only £300 for all of us to fly with Monarch. The only sticking point was, we would fly back on the day the kids returned back to school. After umming and ahhing I went back on to view the flights and nearly fainted when the price was over £900. I could have cried sat … Continue reading

I was looking through some old photographs the other day.

This photo was taken on the 15th January 2014, the day I turned 40.

It is of my amazing cake, the cake my husband organised.

And a very talented school mum made.

I had one stipulation about my cake

It had to be something that showed my love of Disney.

I think this pretty much sums it up.

Disney cake

 … Continue reading

A week and a half into the school routine and already the summer holidays seem a distant memory. As August is all about the kids, sunshine, holidays and spending far too much money, I decided to hand this post over to them.

My 5 awesome things by Morgan aged 13

Clay pigeon shooting in Scotland

Clay Pigeon Shooting – This was something I had never done before. It was harder than it looked and the best bit was beating my dad.

My birthday – best thing about having your birthday in August is definitely no school.

Scotland – We were in Scotland for my birthday … Continue reading

This week it was my little blogs birthday. During the summer holidays of 2013, I began to look into starting my own blog. My hours in work were dropping to 10 hours a week, and I needed a distraction to keep me away from the ironing and housework. Blogging seemed the answer, and I knew I wanted to focus on our travels and adventures as a family. I spent the summer holidays researching ‘starting a blog’. Which platform would be the best…. WordPress or Blogger ? Looking at endless themes and thinking of a domain name. And on 7th September … Continue reading

IMG_2123Last weekend I was fortunate enough to go away for a WHOLE weekend with no kids or husband. My best friend turns 40 in November, and her fantastic husband had paid for her to hire a lodge with a hot tub. So after a meeting to discuss who would be taking what (well we basically just needed a swimsuit and alcohol for the weekend !!) it was time for Friday and our weekend could begin. After packing the kids off to school, of course with a big hug and several kisses from me, it was time to load the car. … Continue reading

QuestionsLast week I noticed on twitter that a few bloggers were asking for people who were new to blogging. I put my hand up in answer to this question and promptly replied to Craig over at http://adayinthisdadslife.blogspot.co.uk/. Craig has been nominated for a Liebster Award for 2013. The Liebster Award recognises new bloggers and some say it is a nice welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. So where do I fit in ?

Well Craig had to answer 11 questions and in turn he had to select new bloggers to do the same. So make yourself a cuppa and … Continue reading

The Glamping Pod

Remember the summer holidays ? We have got 4 days of school runs under our belt, and I must admit the summer holidays now seem a distant memory. I was lucky enough to have most of the school holidays off, and I knew I wanted to keep the kids busy. We love our holidays as a family and I always start thinking about the summer holidays around Easter time. As we had been to Florida in May I knew our holidays had to be fairly cheap, but I also wanted a few breaks away. So we ended up with 12 … Continue reading