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10 things you won’t find me doing this Christmas

1 – Putting the tree up in November. Quite simply Christmas is in December NOT November. Its now the 7th December and still no tree up in The Williams house. Our tree goes up the middle weekend in December and one year it went up the third weekend….. Gasp !!!

2 – Braving the shops ANYTIME in December. My Christmas shopping is done via a laptop, Pyjamas on with a large glass of gin/wine/baileys.

3 – Taking about 4 hours to write Christmas cards. Sorry but I don’t see the point in Christmas cards anymore, and have not sent one in about 8 years. We do however give to a local charity.

4 – Stressing out about Christmas dinner…. its just a roast dinner with added crackers !

5 – Going to Asda/Tesco/Morrisons/Sainsburys on Christmas Eve to fight with other shoppers for the last bag of parsnips. Online food shop has been done and I await its arrival on the 23rd December.

6 – Doing Christmas crafts with the kids. Nope sorry I am so not creative and I HATE glitter. Enough said. Plus they do lots of Christmassy craft things at school/cubs.

7 – Decorating my house with a million lights, blow up Snowmen and whatever tat Home and Bargains sell. Couldn’t be bothered with putting it all up and then taking it all down again. Plus I am too tight to pay for the extra electricity !

8 – Wrapping on Christmas Eve. 75% off my presents are all wrapped and sent to Santa, with the other 25% being wrapped on my day off this week. Christmas Eve is about tucking into The Celebrations NOT fighting with the sellotape.

9 – Inviting 25 distant relatives around on Christmas Day to make polite chat and spend at least 10 hours cooking a huge turkey. Its just the 4 of us which means no pressure and we can stay in our Christmas Jim Jams all day if we want to.

10 – Doing Elf on a Shelf. I really don’t understand the concept of moving a cuddly Elf around your home doing naughty things. But hey that’s just me, and don’t get me wrong I have been seriously impressed with the amount of effort parents put in.

So there we have it. There is probably 10 things that you WILL catch me doing at Christmas, such as spreading a packet of glitter and oats over the garden to guide Santa to us !

xx Merry Christmas xx


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