I don’t know about you, but planning the food for the Christmas festivities takes up alot of my thinking time. Of course we all panic that the shops are going to be shut for the whole of the Christmas period. And as usual I will no doubt be buying food to feed the five thousand. For the past few weeks I have been buying some Christmas food to put away. Okay the Roses *might* have been opened on more than one occasion.  And at least the gin has been purchased.

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I do my weekly shop online, but the other day I popped into Tesco and I really missed just wandering around a store. So much so that we have decided to do our big Christmas shop in store, a few days before the big day. Our local Tesco store has a lovely feel to it, and I am actually looking forward to perusing all the gorgeous Christmas food on offer. I plan to go in the evening when hopefully the store will be fairly quiet. Is this wishful thinking ?

This year is the first in about 9 years we won’t be cooking our Christmas dinner. Usually its just the 4 of us, but this year we are going to my Mums. So no stressing about whether we should get turkey, chicken, duck or cover all options with a 3 bird roast. However we will be having a Boxing Day buffet at home, and I am looking forward to hosting this. No doubt we will have an abundance of buffet food for the occasion, and will still be eating it come New Years Eve.

I have started to do my food list so I will be armed and ready to hit our local supermarket next week. One other item I would like to purchase is a water filter. My aim for the New Year is to drink more water, as I am terrible at not drinking enough. Lately I have been suffering migraines and I am wondering whether it’s down to not having enough water. I had a look at the Brita water filter bottle and I think it should help me to increase my water intake whilst at work and at the gym.

Just a few more presents to wrap and the food shopping to get, and then it will be time for me to sit down on the sofa and watch endless Christmas films.

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4 Thoughts on “Planning the festive food

  1. Good girl!!!! At least you got the gin (that’s generally my manta on a weekly basis when it comes to the shopping!!!)!

    We’re having Christmas at home — just the 4 of us — this year, then we have family descending on us on Boxing Day! SO excited — this is my favourite time of year, but all the shopping is definitely starting to give me a headache!! Pass that gin 😉

    • Tracey Williams on December 15, 2015 at 5:37 pm said:

      Passing over a huge glass of gin for you. It will be lovely just the 4 of you. I have loved the past 9 years when it has just been our little family, but I am excited to be having it at my mums this year. No washing up yay xx

  2. Tracey I have booked a delivery slot and that is it, I am so unorganised this year. We are at Chris’s Mum and Dads on Christmas day so i suppose I dont need to stress too much x

    • Tracey Williams on December 15, 2015 at 5:33 pm said:

      I feel like I am more unorganised than I have been for previous years. We went away last Christmas so I felt I had double the stress but was still pretty on the ball. Have a great time at the inlaws xx

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