In less than 2 weeks PLAY Expo will return to Event City in Manchester for its 6th year in the city. Running over 2 days (the 14th and 15th October), the convention will see an expected 25,000 attendees. If you are still considering tickets to this amazing gaming convention, here are 10 reasons you need to visit PLAY Expo.

PLAY Expo in Manchester


A gaming convention wouldn’t be complete without Minecraft would it. Head over to the Minecraft zone where you will find four huge sets up for you to play. There will also be a Hunger Games map where you can fight it out to survive the harsh landscape of traps, and of course other players.

Virtual Reality

PLAY Expo are proud to announce they have a number of PlayStation VR setups running various games such as Drive Club VR, Rush of Blood, Battlezone and Battlefront X-Wing Mission. All guaranteed to fully submerse you into the land of virtual reality.

Virtual Reality


Fancy playing against some of the best pinball players in the country ? Fancy getting your pinball game streamed live across the world ? Then you need to head to the PLAY Expo Pinball battle, where you could have the chance of winning a cash prize as well as a trophy. The entry fee is £4 (£3 before 1pm on Saturday), and there is plenty of time for a practise on the 100 pinball machines at the show.

Next Generation Gaming

This zone is where you get the chance to play all the latest cutting edge games on the latest machines. Come and try your hand at games that have not yet been released.

Rhythm Zone

Get your funk on in this zone with the best dance and music games around. Anyone for DJ Hero ?

PLAY Expo Manchester

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms seems to be the up and coming thing to do at the moment, and at PLAY Expo you get the chance to be locked in a room with friends and family. You work together to search for clues, and you have 30 minutes to escape using only your brain. Escape Rooms are a combination of The Crystal Maze meets The Cube meets Prison Break.

Retro Gaming

We all know that retro gaming is huge at the moment, and this year the retro zone returns even bigger and better than last year. You will have the chance to play 500 retro machines featuring all your favourites from Sinclair, Commodore, Nintendo, Sony and Sega. And my favourite retro game Manic Miner will be making an appearance.


Arcade Games

Head to the arcade game zone where you can relive your childhood memories by playing Pac Man, Donkey Kong and of course everyone’s favourite, Space Invaders. Or how about trying your luck with Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. There will be over 100 arcade games at PLAY Expo this year.

Arcade Games


This zone will bring you the best of gaming and education, enabling you to meet with educational providers to hear about the latest in technology.

Shopping Hall

No convention would be complete without the chance to purchase classic games, retro merchandise or custom made artwork. Just don’t forget your wallet.

Tickets can be purchased from the PLAY Expo website and start from £14 for a child’s ticket, and £20 for an adult.

All pictures courtesy of PLAY Expo



2 Thoughts on “10 reasons to visit PLAY Expo in Manchester

  1. Never mind the kids, I would love this. Retro gaming heaven.

    • Tracey Williams on October 9, 2017 at 8:50 pm said:

      I know, it has Manic Miner there and that is a definite throwback to my childhood. Used to love that game x

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