FireworksOn Sunday we had a family day out to Alton Towers. We are regular visitors to Alton Towers as we have had Merlin Annual Passes for the past 3 years. However we have never visited when the fireworks have been on. After hearing very good reviews about their fireworks we decided that this would be the year we finally see them. The fireworks are held over 3 nights and we thought the Sunday would be less busy. We arrived at the theme park for 11.30am and we were quickly inside the park.

We were given a leaflet advising us what time the fireworks would start. It also explained that some areas of the park would close around 5pm and would reopen at 8pm. We usually head towards the Nemisis area first, but we headed towards where The Oblivion and Smiler are as this area would be closing early.

We had a great day going on the rides. Okay I stand and watch hubby and the kids as I am a total wuss when it comes to rides. 7 year old daughter could not wait to go on Thirteen again after riding this for the first time in the summer, and the tween did Oblivion again (gulp).

For most of the day the park seemed fairly quiet but around 4pm got alot busier. I guess people come in later to do a few rides and see the fireworks rather than spending the whole day there. The firework preshow started at 6.45pm and the actual firework show started at 7pm and finished at 7.25pm. You could not get past where the lake begins, and you could stand on the grass before the lake, or stand where the main entrance and the large shop is. Alton Towers had bought in catering units, however these had large queues so I would advise to eat earlier and not before the show starts.

Well what can I say about the actual fireworks….. In a word WOW !!!!!!!

I was blown away (not literally) by the whole show. The fireworks were incredible and themed around some of the rides old and new at Alton Towers. The four of us did not take our eyes off the sky for the full 25 minutes. Having been to Disneyworld in Florida for the past 3 years and seen their amazing fireworks, I have to say the Alton Towers ones just beat them (sorry Disney). If you get a chance view them on youtube or better still arrange to go next year.

We were quickly out of the park and headed to the monorail queue which took us 15 minutes to get on. The traffic was well organised and from the fireworks finishing to being on the main road took us 40 minutes which I didnt think was too bad.

Overall we had a fantastic day out and we will definitely be back to see them again next year. Well done Alton Towers.


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