Last weekend as a half term treat we booked a night at Splash Landings hotel.  Splash Landings is one of the two hotels that are based at the Alton Towers resort in Staffordshire, and we have stayed at the hotel a few times before. When I booked on the telephone, the lady advised me that during the February half term there will be Moshi Monster entertainment. My kids had not really bothered with Moshi Monsters in around a year, but they were excited when I told them about our trip.

When checking into the hotel the kids were given a Moshi Monster magazine which they loved. There was entertainment during the day and evening in the hotel. You could meet some of the characters from the Moshi Monster movie, there was a Moshi Monster quiz and there was also face painting and free tattoos which my little girl loved. We also went to the ‘Moshi Underground Disco’ which was fantastic for the kids. There was a big colouring in wall, which kept my daughter entertained for ages.

Splash Landings - Good

Throughout our hotel stay, all the staff were fantastic. They really made an effort to talk to the kids and ask them what they had done that day. We also went to the water park which again was  fantastic, and then the following day we went into the theme park.

As we have Merlin annual passes it was free to get into the park. The park is not fully open at this time of year, but I have to say I was impressed with the amount of rides that were open. It certainly kept us entertained for the opening hours of 10am – 4pm. The Moshi Monster entertainment carried on at the theme park. You can pick up a quiz booklet at customer service when you go in. This is a Moshi Monster quiz which has you going around the park doing various challenges. At the end of the quiz you got an exclusive Moshi Monster figure, and also a lanyard. My 8 year old loved doing all the challenges, and loved her Moshi figure. There was also a chance to meet more characters around the park, which had small queues to see them.


Overall we had a fantastic weekend, and I thought the Moshi Monster entertainment was excellent. The Moshi Monster madness is on until the 23rd February 2014, and if it returns next year we will definitely go back.

One Thought on “February Half Term 2014 at Alton Towers – Moshi Monsters

  1. I’ve never been to Alton Towers and I’m not sure why. It’s easily within driving distance for a day out. Maybe we’ll go when the weather’s nicer. I don’t like queuing in nice weather but even worse if it’s wet and cold!

    So pleased you all enjoyed it.

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