When I was offered 2 tickets to Play Expo a few weeks ago, I knew this was an event for the husband and the teen. Play Expo is a huge gaming exhibition which was held over 2 days at Event City in Manchester. It gives you the chance to try some of the latest games, meet famous gamers that are on YouTube, and even chat with  developers of the games. Whilst the boys were enjoying the day at Play Expo, I was busy girlie shopping at The Trafford Centre. So I shall pass you over to my husband to continue with the review.

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We entered the auditorium to be confronted with a large crowd with a sprinkling of gaming and fantasy characters. We walked in with Ironman and Batman, just a normal Sunday then. The event was set up with different zones for gaming, stalls, meeting celebrities and talks from people involved in the gaming industry.

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We headed straight to the gaming area and quickly found some consoles, then battle commenced. We played several different fighting games both old and new, but whatever the game the result was the same. Teen would win and I would come second.  One day I will win and the celebration will be legendary!

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The stalls had a variety of items for sale from retro games, board games, action figures and clothing. I even saw a few games I used to have, and after seeing the price of them I wish I still had them.

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Pinball was something that my son had never played before, so we spent some time getting introduced to these simplistic gaming devices. We both enjoyed our time playing on them, and just goes to show that fun can be had without a controller in your hand.

Playing Dark Souls III was my sons favourite part of the day. This was a preview to the game that is not released for general sale yet. The graphics were amazing with slick game play and realistic sounds. At one point he jumped out of his chair, when a dragon came out of nowhere and suddenly attacked him. I had to take a picture of him playing the game so he could show his friends.  They were all jealous that he had played it before it even goes on sale.

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We both had a great day and will be back next time, and with more practice I may, just may, actually beat him.

Thank you to Play Expo for providing us with 2 tickets to the event. All words and opinions are my own

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