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Last week we were invited to our local TGI Fridays to try out their new menu. This is their biggest revamp in 8 years, and we were certain that TGI Fridays would wow us with their amazing flavours they are famous for. We had visited our local restaurant a few months ago with the children, and you can read our review here. But this time it was just me and the husband, and we were both looking forward to a night out.

Even though the restaurant was busy, we were seated within 10 minutes and handed the new menus. Husband had decided he was going to take on the new Warrior Burger. A whopping 2 x 7oz burgers, mozzarella dippers, cheese, bacon and onions, all served with chips and onion rings. I went for the 3 Little Pigs. A hot sandwich filled with Jack Daniels pork belly, BBQ pulled pork and bacon, served with chips and honey mustard mayo.

TGI Fridays new Warrior Burger

TGI Fridays new Warrior Burger

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3 Little Pigs Sandwich on the new TGI Fridays menu

3 Little Pigs Sandwich on the new TGI Fridays menu

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For starters we went for the Jack Daniels bucket of bones to share. A huge pot filled with ribs and chicken wings covered in Jack Daniels glaze. Other new menu choices included

Smoked Tomato Bruschetta

BBQ Smokey Joe Hot Dog

Jack Daniels Pork Belly

Boneless Hot Wings

Crispy Tostada Stack

Double Layered Nachos

Roasted Veg Pasta

Plus a great new range of hot dogs which have been inspired by New York’s best street food.

Bucket of Bones on the new TGI Fridays menu

Bucket of Bones on the new TGI Fridays menu

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I was really pleased that the Jack Daniels range had been extended. Being a lover of Jack Daniels, the flavour and taste when used in food is incredible. I loved the way our Bucket of Bones was presented, allowing us to keep the lid on to prevent the food from getting cold. A little tip is to give the pot a good stir as most of the Jack Daniels glaze had settled at the bottom. But oh my the ribs and chicken were so good, and the perfect size portion to share.

Husband suitably ‘met his match’ with the Warrior Burger. TGI Fridays are inviting customers to share their pictures on social media using #meetyourmatch which is a great idea. If only to see who else can manage to polish off the huge Warrior Burger (how my husband never puts weight on I will never know). My 3 Little Pigs sandwich was delicious. The pork was really tender, and the mixture of flavours with the Jack Daniels glaze worked really well. I too met my match with the 3 Little Pigs. Unfortunately there was no room for dessert, and as usual we left feeling like we didn’t need to eat for a week.

Husband met his match and polished off the new Warrior Burger

Husband met his match and polished off the new Warrior Burger

Yet again we had a lovely evening. TGI Fridays has such a fun and vibrant atmosphere, and its a place where couples, families and groups of friends can enjoy a great evening together. I have to say a special mention to our server Ryan at the Cheshire Oaks restaurant. He usually works behind the bar, but on the night we visited he was serving. He was very knowledgeable, attentive and built a great rapport with the customers. Thank you Ryan for adding to our evening, we will definitely be back, and we can thoroughly recommend the new menu.

We were invited to TGI Fridays to review their new menu. All words and thoughts are my own.

4 Thoughts on “TGI Fridays New Menu

  1. travelingchristie on August 14, 2015 at 6:30 pm said:

    I love the Jack Danoels chicken it is so delicious, we love TGI Fridays x

  2. TGI Fridays is definitely up there as one of our favourite restaurants. Love the atmosphere and all the Jack Daniels dishes x

  3. Darn it, I’m hungry now. I love TGIs, their veggie burger is pretty good 🙂

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