I have been a mum of a teenager for 5 weeks now. The transition from tween to teen has happened, and I am still standing. I know its such a cliché, but the last 13 years really have gone in a blink of an eye. Whilst the baby years, toddler years and the primary school years are really important, the teenage years will really shape the man he will become. A MAN. How hard is it to think about your children becoming adults. Letting them loose into the world, thinking and doing things on their own 2 feet.

From tween to teen

From tween to teen

Lately I have been thinking about the future for him. Even though he has just turned 13, he started studying for his GCSEs when he returned to school in September. In 3 short years he will know his results, and either be at college or 6th form. And then after that who knows. Will he go to university like his dad ? Will he have the drive and ambition to continue his studies ?

I took a different path, and at 16 I left school and walked straight into a job working in a bank. I remember that feeling of being paid for the very first time. All that money was MINE. I got a car at 17, and just before I turned 21, a mortgage. I purchased a brand new 1 bedroom flat for £31,000, and I adored my new home.

But sadly its not going to be the same for our children. I look around and see people who are aged mid thirties, still living at home as they simply cannot afford to move out. They have been working most of their adult lives, and STILL struggle to get on the housing ladder. This is the number 1 concern I have for our kids. Its so different to when I was a young adult, and I would love to see them both own their own homes one day.

There has been a recent study by My Voucher Codes about the worries that families have for their children and themselves. It was no surprise that 37% of people shared my concerns, and were worried about house prices and rental costs. The top worry at 44% was financial instability and economy.  The study also broke the findings down into regions.

  • London – Financial instability and economy – 48%
  • Scotland – Extremism, terrorism and safety – 30%
  • South West – Extremism, terrorism and safety – 43%
  • South East – House prices and high rents – 75%
  • Wales – Financial instability and economy – 60%
  • West Midlands – Financial instability and economy – 71%
  • East Midlands – House prices and high rents – 40%
  • Yorkshire & the Humber – Financial instability and economy – 60%
  • North East – Financial instability and economy – 57%
  • North West – Extremism, terrorism and safety – 68%
  • Northern Ireland – House prices and high rents – 33%

I was really surprised that house prices were not top for London. I try not to worry about extremism and terrorism, otherwise I think I would just wrap my kids up for ever. You can see the study in full HERE.

Who knows what the future holds for our children. All I can do is guide the teen through the next few years into adulthood, hoping he will continue to be happy and healthy. And maybe that he will learn some new skills, such as removing his dirty clothes from the floor, and emptying his bin more than once a year.



6 Thoughts on “From tween to teen

  1. I don’t know anyone who worries about extremism first, I do worry about safety of my teen though. GCSE’s this school year for us EEK!

    • Tracey Williams on September 23, 2015 at 10:14 am said:

      I think I will get more concerned about safety when he starts to go out drinking. Babies are SO much easier. Its definitely a parenting learning curve when they hit the teenage years x

  2. Good luck with successfully navigating the teenage years! Times are certainly very different these days. I got my first mortgage, jointly with my husband, at 25, having only been in a proper job for a couple of years.
    My main fears are drugs, bullying, alcohol, mental health problems and eating disorders. Closely followed by travelling! I hate to think of the kids travelling the world at only 18!

    • Tracey Williams on September 24, 2015 at 4:17 pm said:

      Oh god travelling didn’t even cross my mind. They need to all stay in their rooms until at least 30. No worries at all then x

  3. That is so scary Tracey, its wrong that it has become so expensive to live. Like you I find my teen very chilled and easy, I think the tween age is harder.

    • Tracey Williams on September 25, 2015 at 8:18 am said:

      Yes I totally agree that the tween years were harder but I suppose we have only had a month of him being a teen. Its makes me mad when people who work so hard still cannot get on the property ladder. I do worry about my 2 still being at home aged 30 x

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