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QuestionsLast week I noticed on twitter that a few bloggers were asking for people who were new to blogging. I put my hand up in answer to this question and promptly replied to Craig over at Craig has been nominated for a Liebster Award for 2013. The Liebster Award recognises new bloggers and some say it is a nice welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. So where do I fit in ?

Well Craig had to answer 11 questions and in turn he had to select new bloggers to do the same. So make yourself a cuppa and enjoy my question and answer session.

1) Why did you start blogging ?

I follow alot of bloggers on twitter and I enjoy the community the blogging world seems to have. My hours had recently decreased in work, so I needed something to keep me away from the ironing on my days off, so blogging was the answer.

2) What’s your blog about ?

My blog will be about general family life, focusing on the things we love doing as a family which involves holidays, days out and going for family meals.

3) What do you hope to achieve from blogging ?

Difficult to say as its early days. If I can manage to get at least 1 person to read my blog then that will do for now !

4) Who is your favourite Super hero and why ?

God not really into the whole Super hero thing. Maybe Violet from The Incredibles as she can make herself vanish. That would be fun doing the school run.

5) Where is your favourite place you have visited ?

Easy…. Disneyworld in Florida. Most magical and exciting place on earth.

6) Tea or Coffee ?

Coffee mainly but I do like a cup of tea in the evenings.

7) What is your favourite Take away food ?

You can’t beat a good curry with all the trimmings. But take me to the seaside and its Fish and Chips all the way.

8) Who would you most like to meet and why ?

Walt Disney so I could go and ride Splash Mountain with him.

9) Who is your favourite Disney character and why ?

Can I have them all ? No….. err ok….. Rapunzel from Tangled. She has long hair and a good looking man climbs up it to reach her tower. What girl (grown woman of 39) does not dream of that !

10) If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you visit and which one person would you take with you ?

Difficult as you can’t pick a child as I have 2 (imagine the arguments that would cause). Can’t choose the husband as he would be looking after said children so going back to question 8…. Walt Disney and we would visit Walt Disney World in Florida as he died before work started on it.

11) What’s your biggest fear ?

Big huge hairy spiders

So there you go. Hopefully you have learnt some interesting facts about me ! And thanks again to Craig for thinking about me. Good luck with the award.


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