On Friday evening I drove past my son’s high school and was overcome with emotion, blinking away the tears as I drove my daughter back from her dance class. The reason for this sudden and unexpected outburst was prom night, an American tradition that we have adopted over here. Driving home it hit me that I will be the one standing outside the school in just 2 years. The mum who will no doubt be saying ‘just one more picture’ as our son rolls his eyes. And if I get emotional just driving past, what an earth am I going to be like when I see him, all ready for his own prom night.

If the year 6 leavers assembly is anything to go by, I will be a crumpled sobbing mess. I may have held it together until the very end, but I defy anyone not to shed a tear when the ‘montage’ is shown. Yes the video clip that shows your child looking oh so cute in reception, and documents their primary school life. I actually thought my husband was going to disown me, as I sobbed and spluttered through the video. And to this day I can’t listen to Rule the World by Take That without getting goosebumps.

In 12 months time I will again sit in the school hall, trying to keep my emotions under wraps, watching my daughter in her own year 6 leavers assembly. Will it be easier this time around? Or harder knowing that our primary school journey will be coming to an end?  A primary school we have been part of for 11 years, that has served both our children exceptionally well. I know that part of me is on countdown as there will be no more school runs, hurrah. But I am sure the final time I pull out of the school car park, it will be an emotional journey home.

First day at school

I think what I am trying to say is that being a school mum comes with all kinds of emotions. From the minute you kiss them goodbye on the very first day of school (yes I was the mum who sobbed in the car), to watching their very first nativity play. To the emotions and worry when they go to High School. Will they fit in? Will they find their way around a huge school? And how many times will they lose their blazer? Thankfully none which is nothing short of a miracle.

I am an emotional person and wear my heart on my sleeve. Don’t get me started on how upset I get when watching Marley and Me and Toy Story 3.  The next 2 years will see my youngest waving goodbye to her primary school, whilst our teenager will face exams and leave high school. And as for me there is only one thing to do…… Buy tissues, LOTS OF THEM.