Our travel plans for 2017

When I look back at 2016 and our year of travel, I love how many adventures we managed to fit in. Some trips were taken just me and the husband (ah blissful lie ins and child free times). Some were with girlfriends, where there was lots of chatter and far too much gin. But the majority were me, the husband and the kids. With Morgan turning 15 this year, I am under no illusion we are on borrowed time with family holidays. And whilst on one hand that makes me sad, it also makes me determined to pack as much travel and adventure in as we can.

Our travel plans for 2017

Here are the holidays and nights away we have booked for 2017.


In half term we are going on our first holiday of the year to Bath, which is a city we have never visited before. We are staying in a lodge retreat just outside Bath, and I cannot wait to explore this beautiful city. Please let me know if you have any recommendations of restaurants and places we must visit.


The husband and I are looking forward to staying at the Grosvenor Pulford hotel, which is just outside Chester. Our friends are getting married, and I couldn’t resist staying over. I last stayed at the hotel for my 21st celebrations, and I am looking forward to going back after 22 years (I swear I turned 21 about 5 years ago and not TWENTY TWO).


I am literally counting down the days until I can feel sunshine on my very pale skin. We are going back to Ikos Olivia in Greece, the most stunning resort we have ever stayed at. Our holiday last year was simply amazing, and it came as no surprise that the hotel won Trip Advisor’s best European all inclusive hotel, and came 2nd in the World category. The attention to detail is impeccable, and we are very much looking forward to a week of relaxation, cocktails and exquisite food.

Travel - Ikos Olivia

Travel - Ikos Olivia pool


In May we are taking Katie to her 3rd Vamps concert in Liverpool, and this time have decided to stay over. Well it’s easier than fighting to get out of the car park, plus a nice hotel breakfast to look forward to the following morning.


I couldn’t resist the Village Hotel sale which was on between Christmas and New Year. I managed to book 2 rooms in Blackpool (separate rooms can sometimes be the way forward when you have older kids) plus breakfast for £60.

As well as family adventures, the kids have some pretty awesome trips booked too. Next month Katie is off to Scout camp, then in March she goes away on her school residential. Then in July she heads down to London for her year 6 leavers trip. And as for Morgan, well in October he has a school trip to ICELAND to look forward to.

So 2017 is already shaping up to be another fun year of travel for us. I just need to get planning on the final 6 months of the year, and choose where to go in the summer holidays. I tend to get inspiration from websites such as Sunshine, and the question is….. head for the sun or enjoy a UK staycation?

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  1. Lots of fun planned. I have a few things to look forward to this year too which will be fun. Currently I have two holidays books abroad which is very exciting as one is with my friends.

    • You can’t beat a holiday with friends can you Angela. You have lots to look forward to, and I suspect 2017 is going to be an awesome year for you x

    • Sounds an exciting year planned too. Love budget camping trips and we are also hoping to head to London again in the summer holidays. Have fun x

    • So excited to explore Bath, and we may even go to Bristol too as we have never visited Bristol either. Love having little breaks planned and we are very similar. A mixture of new places and our old favourites. Have fun Sam x

  2. Some exciting plans, I too am counting the days down till Greece I cant wait for that gorgeous sunshine. I am sort of going with the flow this year, it is the first year I am not franticly searching for trips, I am sure I will come across something I want to do later on in the year x

    • I have everything planned for the first 6 months but the later part of the year, nothing. Well apart from Morgan’s trip to Iceland, nope not jealous at all lol. I am sure you will have some exciting trips planned again this year, and can’t wait to follow what you get up to. Just over 2 months to go for the sun x

  3. You’ll love bath – I used to visit my grandparents there and it’s so beautiful. Definitely visit the Roman baths – I used to love the American museum but don’t know if it’s still there. Have fun!

    • We had such a fantastic time in Bath and yes we loved the Roman Baths. We did look into the American museum but it is closed until next month. The kids are already asking to go back as it is such a beautiful city x


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