Ipoh city guide

You are surely going to fall in love with Ipoh, a city that is fast becoming popular with the local and international tourists in Malaysia. Loved for its tropical rainforest climate, delicious food and the abundance of artwork and cave temples, you are sure going to miss a fantastic historic spot if you don’t visit Ipoh on your trip.

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The pleasant city is definitely a welcome break which provides an exciting place for an urban interlude. Just browse Traveloka Malaysia and see how you can reach the convenient gateway for travel to the Cameron Highland. Ipoh lies at the heart of the world’s richest tin-producing field, the Kinta Valley. You will find a vibrant mix of different communities here such as Chinese, Indian, Malay, and European.

When to go and how to travel to Ipoh

The right time to visit Ipoh is between November and February when the season is low, and the tourists can explore the outdoors freely. Ipoh can be reached by plane, train, car, and bus. Most travellers prefer air travel and use the airport that lies just outside downtown Ipoh.  It is easy to get around the city in a car or Taxi.

Where to Stay

Ipoh offers a range of accommodation for its tourists and travellers. There are boutique style hotel and lodges that cater to every kind of traveller and budget. Weil hotel is particularly popular with the tourist because of the affordability, and offers a great location and world class amenities. Many resorts come with upgraded facilities and natural hot springs. There is a mix of contemporary Chinese and Western details in some of the hotels.

Plenty to do and see here

Explore the charismatic laneways of the old town that are lined with period buildings. Stop at any of the house cafes and shops to shop, eat and enjoy the occasional flash of street art that is sure to surprise you. Explore the glittering shops, and hunt for souvenirs or dine at any of the excellent places to eat. The capital of Malaysia’s Perak state boasts of rich architectural, cultural and culinary heritage. Enter the gateway to the area’s beautiful caves and hot spring through the Paleozoic limestone hulks. Kong Heng Square is the greenest urban block in Ipoh, and is surrounded by colourful restaurants and shops.

Walking around the Old Town gives you the opportunity to look at the quant shop houses, and the striking murals will keep you engaged. Take a Langkawi jet ski tour to explore Malaysia’s most beautiful islands, or visit Han Chin Pet Soo museum.

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A guided tour around the stunning Kinta Valley will take you across Batu Gajah, Gopeng, Papan, and Kellie’s Castle. Perak Tong is filled with colorful murals of deities and dates from the 1920s, and Sam Poh Tong is a striking red temple complete with enchanting gardens.

Where and what to eat

Ipoh will not disappoint you when it comes to food. Enjoy the regional classics like Ayam tauge which is made from chicken and beansprouts, or the creamy bean curd pudding. Do not miss out on the famous white coffee. The coffee beans are roasted with margarine, and the coffee is served without sugar.  Ipoh’s specialties include “Pak kopi” which is condensed milk and evaporated milk. Kong Heng Square is filled with a string of bars and pubs to cater to the Westerners. Another of Ipoh’s quintessential dish is Nga Choy kay which comprises soup, beansprouts and poached chicken.

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Wherever you choose to eat in the city of Ipoh, guaranteed you will not go hungry on your next trip to Malaysia.

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