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Maui, Hawaii with kids

Maui is an island in Hawaii that is blessed with 30 miles of beautiful beaches, making it one of the best family destinations in Hawaii.  There is an abundance of activities to explore here, and fun filled activities for the whole family. Families flock to this Hawaiian island to enjoy the Polynesian culture and those pristine beaches. As Maui is not packed with tourists, families can head just about anywhere and explore the adventure that is on the island. You can choose to stay in one of the beautiful homes for rent in Maui and enjoy a comfortable stay. Your kids will love staying at one of these rented homes, that are well equipped and come with all the modern amenities.  Get ready to create some incredible holiday memories.

Sunset in Hawaii

Molokini Snorkel Tour

One of the most treasured holiday memories families can experience on Maui, is the incredible snorkeling experiences. Pride of Maui is famous for being child friendly and enjoys high visitor numbers. Just hire a team with extensive ocean tour experience for you and your family. You can feel positive about the training given by the team and how they will make you feel safe.  It is time to get inspired by underwater adventure and exploration, and get ready with your family for the snorkel of your lifetime. The ease, comfort and convenience will make your family feel safe and confident with hands on guidance. Explore the amazing Molokini Crater that overflows with an abundance of marine life. Guaranteed to get you up close and personal with nature, and to create an amazing holiday memory.

Marine life in Hawaii

Atlantis Submarine underwater tour

Atlantis Submarine underwater tour has featured on the National Geographic TV channel, and creates a truly unique family adventure. Get ready for a drop jaws journey that will take you 100 feet deep through the ocean around the West of Maui, and the outer islands. The air-conditioned vessel Atlantis is designed for guest comfort. Travel through the Pacific Ocean and witness the underwater world and the rare sea life. If you happen to be there during the months of December and May, you might get the rare chance to see Humpback whales as they migrate through Hawaiian water.

The Maui Ocean Center

Your children will simply love the visit to the Maui Ocean Center, the state of the art aquarium which is dedicated to preserving Hawaiian marine life, as well as displaying it beautifully. It is indeed one of the top things to do on Maui with your family. Visit the largest tropical aquarium in America, and enjoy a truly unique experience to see Hawaiian sea life. Take advantage of the educational displays on Hawaiian culture, Whale life, and ocean ecology. Check out the huge indoor shark tank at the Maui Ocean Center and experience the fully encircling sea tunnel. The indoor shark tank displays Tiger sharks, Hammerhead sharks, and a variety of deep water fish. Other added attractions include the outdoor Hammerhead shark pool, and Hawaiian sea turtle sanctuary. And don’t forget to visit the wonderful Seascape restaurant, or the more informal Reef Café at the end of your visit.

Maui Treasure Hunt

Maui Treasure Hunt is indeed a super fun activity for children of all ages, and is a must when planning your Maui holiday. It is indeed fun watching the children look for bounty within the treasure. Come back with great memories of a family adventure on the Maui Treasure Hunt. Just keep in mind that the activity is meant for kids five years and older and is about 3 hours long. You can even let the kids enjoy the activity on their own while you enjoy a little well deserved chill out together.

Kulaniapia Waterfalls

Kulaniapia Falls Inn has a private 120 ft. waterfall that can be enjoyed by its guests. Children who are ten years and older can experience the waterfall with seasoned climbers, going through the water or to the side of the waterfall. All experience levels are allowed on the falls, and the confidence soon grows with even a little experience. It is indeed a great opportunity experiencing Kulaniapia Fall. While these falls are not open for public viewing, it is indeed an experience to sit on the incredibly beautiful grassy hill above the falls. Enjoy hot breakfast, coffee and teas served by Kulaniapia Falls Inn. Paddleboards and kayaks are available for free, and you can also take a walk through the trail to the waterfall and pond. There are waterfall tours organised daily.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

You will come across one of the unique and surreal landscapes in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. It feels like you could be on another planet as you gaze at the black lava rock and lava fields. You can trek over the lava fields with your family, and enjoy a lava expedition led by professionals. The four mile hike will take you to spot lava outbreaks, as well as the flows from Kilauea Volcano, which is one of the most active volcanoes in Hawaii. The view when the hot lava meets the ocean creates a strange view of smoke plumes. It is indeed a very different experience when walking over cooled lava, and you should wear sturdy hiking boots.

Volcano Hawaii

The Island of Maui is indeed perfect for the whole family looking for days of sunshine playing in the surf and great outdoor activities. There is a lot more to do and explore on the island with your family.

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