It’s fair to say that the UK occasionally gets mixed reviews when it comes to what our country has to offer. Some would say that it’s full of rubbish, and the average person wouldn’t like to visit. However, those people haven’t really had a chance to see the true UK in all its glory.

Exploring the UKs finest areas

Because underneath the not so nice towns, there are beautiful landscapes, beaches, cobbled streets, and much more that our country has to offer. It’s one of the reasons why so many European and other tourists flock here each month, to see the types of scenery that they just wouldn’t be able to find in their own country. So to showcase some of the best, read on to explore some of the UK’s finest areas.

UK Beaches

We really do have it all, and the first destination that I’m going to talk about is a beach one, considering the weather is so glorious at the moment. If we’re talking about beach destinations, I feel we have to talk about Devon. Devon is one of the most beautiful parts of the UK, and it’s easy to see why. You can either go into  lovely Exeter to explore some history, or you can go down to one of the beautiful beaches to soak up some sun. It isn’t too expensive to visit if you go at the right time of year either. There are numerous holiday parks in Devon that you could stay in that would give you a more communal vibe. Some people decide to go back to the parks year after year, because of the facilities they offer, and the fun you can have.

Green Spaces

The greener side of the UK is often thought to be one of the most beautiful. The more time you spend in the true English countryside, the more you’ll fall in love with it. If you want to experience the true English countryside, then the Cotswolds would be the place to go. It’s a lovely little place, close to the heart of England. Think traditional English pubs, beautiful streams and rivers, and the best views that you could possibly wish for.

Built Up Cities

If we’re talking built up, then you need to spend some time in London. It is the most built up place in the UK, and to someone who is not used to it, it can actually be rather overwhelming. But I do recommend that you spend some time walking around, making sure that you hit all of the main tourist spots. There’s so much to do there, you could easily spend a week without running out of things to do. Hitting the markets of Brixton should be on your hit list, or equally, Camden is just as good.