It seems only fitting that I write this blog post with a nice cup of Nutty Hazelnut Beanie Coffee next to my laptop. Mmmmm just what you need on a horrible wet Autumn day. I heard of Beanies Coffee a few months ago in my Slimming World class, and I was sent 4 of the flavours to review. After trying them for the past few days I absolutely love them all, and really can not pick out a favourite. So I thought I would do my top ten reasons why Beanies Coffees are fab !

1 – Each serving has 2 calories.… Continue reading

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Would you believe that today, 7th November 2014, is World Vasectomy Day. Wow they really do have a World Day for everything, though I think the hubby would prefer World Chocolate or Beer Day ! How do I know this interesting fact ? Well, I was watching This Morning yesterday where they were showing a LIVE vasectomy. Yep there was a very brave gentleman, who basically looked like a lamb about to be slaughtered, which of course was not far from the truth. Anyway it got me thinking to my husbands vasectomy, and after I consulted him (well it was his bits I would be writing about) I decided to write this post.… Continue reading

"frankiesfangs at Frankie and Bennys

#frankiesfangs at Frankie and Bennys

At the weekend we visited our local Frankie and Bennys in Widnes. We LOVE the Frankie and Bennys brand, and we tend to go every few months. It always has a great atmosphere, and last Saturday when we walked in, we were met by a lit pumpkin and all the staff dressed up for Halloween. We were booked in at 4.30pm and the whole place had a great party atmosphere. We were lead to our table and greeted with party hats and streamers, which I thought was a nice touch. Daughter soon made use of them.… Continue reading

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Last weekend we went to Airkix Indoor Sky Diving Centre which is in Manchester near to the Trafford Centre. I had cashed in some of my Tesco Clubcard vouchers, and bought an experience for my husband for Fathers Day. He always says he wants to do a proper sky dive one day, and I thought this would be the cheaper option. For my sons 12th birthday I also got him a voucher which I purchased from Amazon Local. This was £23 for the sky dive experience, plus a dvd and a photo. Great value for money.  It was easy to book their sessions online, and I arranged their time for 4pm last Sunday.… Continue reading

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Last week the hubby and I managed some fantastic ‘us’ time. I really think that its important to get away once in a while if you can, and enjoy some  time just being a couple. We are lucky because I have a great Mum, and we try and get out at least once a month for a meal or a trip to the cinema. For birthdays and anniversaries we like to get away, and a night away in a Premier Inn does us just fine. Well it was hubs birthday last Wednesday (he turned 43 if you are wondering), and as we had booked to see John Newman in concert in Manchester we just had to combine it with a night away.… Continue reading

Sheridan Store at Cheshire Oaks

Sheridan Store at Cheshire Oaks

On Saturday I went along to a new store that was opening in Cheshire Oaks. Sheridan is a luxury bedding company which has recently launched its baby range, and has also just opened a new store in York. As we only live 20 minutes away from Cheshire Oaks, I thought this would be a great opportunity to visit the store on its opening day. I was greeted by friendly and welcoming staff, and the first 30 customers through the door received a goody bag. The store had also laid on a yummy breakfast with tea and coffee, and there was a fantastic balloon man entertaining the children.… Continue reading

Afternoon Tea at The Mollington Bannastre Hotel

Afternoon Tea at The Mollington Banastre Hotel

Last Wednesday instead of doing the usual housework, I went out for Afternoon Tea with my best friend to Chester. Afternoon Tea is something I love doing, and first experienced it when I turned 30. It was another 10 years before I got to do it all again, and since November have been out for Afternoon Tea 4 times. Mainly to celebrate people turning 40 ! Oh and there was the time I took my husband with me. I can safely say Afternoon Tea is a ‘woman’ thing. When our lovely plateful of tiny sandwiches and mini cakes appeared, he looked around hoping that he too would get a plate, grumbling that those ‘teeny butties’ wouldn’t fill him up.… Continue reading

Mitsis Roda Beach Village

Mitsis Roda Beach Village

Back in July we visited the Mitsis Roda Beach Hotel which is in Roda, Corfu.  This was actually our first beach holiday abroad as a family. The children have been abroad 3 times to Florida.  We knew going on a laid back beach holiday would be something totally different to the fast pace of a Florida holiday. The reason why we decided to go to Corfu was simple. Our close friends were getting married over there, and we felt honoured they had asked us to go. After searching round for the best deal, we booked a package holiday with Monarch back in January to fly out on the 28th July for 1 week.… Continue reading

It amazes me how many people don’t shop around for bargains. Now I love a bargain, and spend a fair bit of time researching the internet for the best price. This time of year will see a lot of the shops go head to head as they compete for our business in the run up to Christmas. Argos already has their 3 for 2 toy offer on at the moment. Now my daughter has asked for an annoying thing a Furby for Christmas. Now the minute the kids go back to school I start thinking of the C word !!! Yep I am one of those annoying people who like to be all done and dusted by the 1st of December. … Continue reading


Way back on the 25th March, I did a blog post about our Spring and Summer bucket list. I promised I would report back on how we did.  Looking through the list, there is alot of things which we didn’t get round to crossing off. Maybe I was a little too optimistic on some things, but hey the uncrossed things can always be carried over onto the Autumn and Winter list ! We certainly had a fantastic Summer, squeezing in 3 holidays in 3 weeks. Crazy but fun times for us all.

So here is my bucket list for Spring and Summer.Continue reading