Last weekend as a half term treat we booked a night at Splash Landings hotel.  Splash Landings is one of the two hotels that are based at the Alton Towers resort in Staffordshire, and we have stayed at the hotel a few times before. When I booked on the telephone, the lady advised me that during the February half term there will be Moshi Monster entertainment. My kids had not really bothered with Moshi Monsters in around a year, but they were excited when I told them about our trip.

When checking into the hotel the kids were given a … Continue reading

ChiquitoSo yesterday as I was browsing twitter, I came across a tweet from Chiquito’s saying they were offering FREE breakfasts this weekend. Well as readers to my blog know I love the word FREE, so I printed off 4 vouchers and we arranged to go today. Our nearest Chiquito’s is 20 minutes away, and they serve breakfast from 9am until 12pm.

We were seated straight away and I explained we had 4 vouchers for the free breakfast. The voucher got you a FREE Sizzler breakfast per person, normal price of £5.95. We also ordered soft drinks for the kids, and … Continue reading

Nando's night out

This evening we have experienced a Nando’s night out as a family. The kids have never been to Nando’s, and me and the husband have only been twice a few years ago. We chose Nando’s as, thanks to my mum, I received a gift card for my birthday. I rang to book a table, and I was advised they were not taking bookings. However, if I turned up around 5pm there should be no more than a 10 minute wait. We arrived just before 5pm, and we were seated straight away.

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On the day of my 40th Birthday on the 15th January 2014, I was presented with an envelope from my husband. Inside it said that I would be going away for 3 days on the 24th January, in a ‘forest lodge with hot tub’ location unknown.

Griffon Forest

From that minute I was counting the seconds till the 24th, which was a huge 9 days away. My husband gave nothing away to where we were going, not even a tiny hint, and thankfully before I knew it we were in the car, heading off to our secret location.

After 2 hours heading … Continue reading


So if you follow me on twitter, or know me, I am sure you are aware I turn the big 40 tomorrow. Saturday night was the start of my birthday celebrations. I left my husband in control of organising things, and on Saturday morning I opened an envelope from him. It told me to be ready for 7pm on the dot for a ‘wonderful meal’ with my husband. I had an inkling that it would not just be us two, and I thought friends and family would be involved.

I started getting ready at 5.30pm, and chose to wear a … Continue reading

So who remembers the post I did about ‘Amazing what you can get for a tenner’ ? The post was all about how me and hubby set ourselves a strict budget of £10.00 to buy each others presents with. The presents all neatly wrapped up looked like this


And the presents all unwrapped look like this


Yep my lucky husband got all that for exactly £10.00 and the prices are as follows

Kids and adults quiz questions £3.75

Christmas ale £2.00

Family Guy mug £1.00

Family Guy beer glass £1.00

Kindle light £1.00

Paper aeroplanes £1.00

Diary milk £0.25

Box … Continue reading