Go ApeToday we had the fantastic opportunity of visiting a Go Ape site. For those of you unsure what Go Ape is, its a tree trekking adventure which sees you go through a course of obstacles, rope ladders and zip wires high up in the trees. We are fortunate to have a Go Ape course 15 minutes from where we live, and my husband and 11 year old son had always wanted to do the course. As I am a total wuss, I was happy to watch them from the ground and occasionally laugh at them.


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WinterAs you may have noticed from my blog we love going away. Around this time of year I find myself looking around the internet for some inspiration for a Winter beak away. We LOVE going away at this time of year, and 2 years ago we were lucky to spend the Christmas break at Centerparcs. Other years have seen us go away for a few days before the hectic Christmas period starts. Whilst others may hate the stress of going away at this hectic time of year, for me it encourages us to be all sorted for Christmas. I can … Continue reading

FireworksOn Sunday we had a family day out to Alton Towers. We are regular visitors to Alton Towers as we have had Merlin Annual Passes for the past 3 years. However we have never visited when the fireworks have been on. After hearing very good reviews about their fireworks we decided that this would be the year we finally see them. The fireworks are held over 3 nights and we thought the Sunday would be less busy. We arrived at the theme park for 11.30am and we were quickly inside the park.

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CinemaOn Wednesday evening my son and husband went to the cinema. They both LOVE watching films and I thought it would be nice for the 2 of them to spend some ‘man’ time together, without the women folk of the family getting in the way. When they got in they told me about the film and it seemed they had a good night together. Then later on my husband said that our son had not sat with him and had sat on his own. He even got the ticket from his dad (after of course dad had paid) and entered … Continue reading

finest-logoBack at the beginning of October I received an email inviting me to a ‘Tesco Exclusive Evening’. With the promise of food tasting from their new Finest range, and the promise of a goody bag, I quickly logged on to the Tesco website and booked my place. Not wanting to miss the opportunity of a night out with the hubby, I booked him on too and booked in my trusty babysitter (my mum !)

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IMG_2154On Tuesday we visited Blackpool Pleasure Beach. We last visited around 10 years ago when our son was a baby, and we were all looking forward to our day out which happened to also be on hubbys 42nd birthday. As I am a complete money saver when it comes to days out, I ordered 3 tickets from my Tesco Clubcard. I then purchased 1 more child ticket when we got there for £26.99. The whole day for the 4 of us would have been £123.98 !

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IMG_1880Apparently I have a tween. A real breathing sometimes grumpy tween. I must admit a few months ago I kept seeing the word ‘tween’ on twitter and had no idea I was living with one. Wikipedia tells me a tween is a person who is between 10 and 12. Cool I have a 11 year old so yes I am a mother of a tween. Basically a tween is a pre teen if you had not figured that out already. If tween is not in the English dictionary, I am sure it will be very soon along with twerking !… Continue reading