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Back on the 30th December I wrote about a very exciting Teletubbies parcel we had received. The box has been sitting in the corner of our dining room since Christmas Eve, teasing us with it’s contents. We had been told there was no peeking until the 11th January 2016, and finally that day has arrived. The 9 year old, quickly followed by myself, tore open the box and was met by the most colourful tissue paper I have ever seen.


We were quickly unwrapping each item, daughter going ‘oh I love this Mummy’ whilst I was silently reminiscing. I had previously written about if you have a teenager, there is a good chance they would have grown up with The Teletubbies. As each toy was unwrapped, I was rewinding 11 years ago to when our house was filled with Po, Dipsy, Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa and not forgetting Noo-Noo. So what did we get in our very exciting Teletubbies parcel ?

New Teletubbies toys

Tinky Winky

The talking Tinky Winky was my daughters favourite, and it spent the morning before school sat on the settee next to her. I must admit I was really impressed with the quality. It has a gorgeous soft feel to it, and is perfect for ages 18 months plus. You press its tummy and it says a handful of ‘Teletubby’ phrases. There is no off button so you might want to remove it from children’s beds/cots  at night, rather than the risk of a Teletubby waking you up at 3am. You can change the batteries (screwdriver needed) and the battery compartment is safe and secure in the back of Tinky Winky.

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Teletubbies toys

I thought the super soft collectables were adorable, and they are definitely super soft. They have quite a luxurious feel to them and are great for all ages. They stand 6 inches in height, and are the perfect start for a child’s Teletubbies collection.

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Teletubbies toys 2016

Teletubbies toys 2016

Now I must admit when I saw Noo-Noo I was a little sad. Noo-Noo used to be blue, but for some reason he has changed colour to orange and pink. Having said that though he does look rather cute.

The collectable figures are fantastic value at only £3.99 each, so they are great little pocket money toys. They are suitable for over 18 months and are collection 1. I can only presume they will be releasing more collections as time goes on. There are several figures and playsets to collect and they all look great quality.

The new Teletubbies toys are manufactured by Character Options. There is a brand new collection of toys which are available from January, and the ones that I was sent are only a small handful of the full range. For more information you can visit the website. When you purchase a toy from the range, you are also invited to view Teletubbies videos on YouTube. How different from 11 years ago, when we had a house full of Teletubbies videos, yes videos not even DVDs. Can you spot the Teletubbies in the picture below from about 8 years ago ? (yes I know, little darling emptying out the whole DVD unit)

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I am sure the new range will be a hit with the new generation of tots since its return to television back in November.

I received the toys that have been featured in my review, and I am also being compensated for this post.

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