If you have a school age child there is no doubt you have already heard of Smiggle, the stationery store that is taking over the UK. The stores are full of fun, bright and innovative products from pencils cases to water bottles, fruit smelling pencils to brightly coloured bags. Smiggle certainly have all your stationery and school supplies covered.

Smiggle Store

Smiggle store - Warrington

So when we were contacted to review some of the new products that Smiggle have launched this summer, Katie was overjoyed.

Smiggle ummer products

The first product that caught her eye was the fluffy biscuit pencil case from the Smiggle Besties range.  A cute collection of limited edition pencil cases and key rings. And the best bit about Billie the Biscuit….. he smells of vanilla. How I wish that smelly stationery was around when I was growing up. Billie the Biscuit is priced at £15.50.

Smiggle - pencil case

And if I was jealous of Billie’s sweet vanilla smell, I was certainly envious of Katie’s strawberry scented pencil. How cute and a bargain at £1.50. And the pack of metallic pencils are currently on offer for only £3.00.

Smiggle - pencils

And the final item we were sent was this cute mini journal. I love the idea of this, and Katie can’t wait to fill it in with all her summer holiday adventures. And of course it comes complete with scented stickers, a bookmark, a special badge and a game to play. All for only £6.00, or buy the whole journal set (8 journals) and receive a 20% discount.

Smiggle - Mini Journals

Smiggle products

Smiggle stationery store

These items will certainly keep her busy over the summer holidays, and she has already packed her metallic pens and journal for when we head to Edinburgh in a few weeks. You can view the full range of Smiggle goodies on the website or in your local store.

We were kindly sent the above items for review and all words and opinions are my own. Thank you Smiggle. 

6 Thoughts on “Looking forward to a Smiggle Summer Holiday

  1. Ah Smiggle are just the best aren’t they! I wish they were around when we were little. My only issue is, there is just so much choice!

    • Tracey Williams on July 12, 2017 at 7:46 pm said:

      All of my pocket money would have been spent in Smiggle Sam lol. I think the only thing around when I was growing up (cough showing my age) was a few scratch and sniff stickers x

  2. We basically have the entire contents of a smuggle store in our home. The boys are addicted. Have you seen that there’s one in Chester now?

    • Tracey Williams on July 12, 2017 at 7:52 pm said:

      Ooooo no I didn’t know they had one in Chester. I am sure Katie will make a beeline for it next time we are in the city x

  3. Abby spends almost all her money in Smiggle, but the products really are great aren’t they.

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