I have written before how Katie LOVES dolls and will play with them every single day. She spends hours being creative with her collection, and just today they have all been in the garden taking part in the ‘Doll Olympics’. I love how real life will spill over into doll world, and I am sure we will be seeing a Barbie, Bratz or Monster High doll picking up a gold medal in the next few weeks. Overseeing the ‘Doll Olympics’ is Katie’s newest doll, Shizuka from the Shibajuku doll range.

Shibajuku Doll

Shibajuku Doll

Shizuku is certainly a doll with a difference. The first thing that struck both Katie and I, was Shizuku had huge glass eyes that were a different colour. One was blue and the other was green, how cool is that. And with real lashes and sporting the latest fashion clothes, she was an instant hit with Katie.

Shibajuku Doll

Shibajuku Doll

All 5 Shibajuku dolls come with 4 hair accessories, and Katie thought it was pretty cool that her doll came with clips to share with her. She is always plaiting and brushing her dolls hair, and Shizuku was soon sporting a new look. We both loved the quirky style of her new doll, especially the pink in her hair.

Doll with plaits

The dolls are fully poseable which got a huge thumbs up from Katie. No more sitting awkwardly when you are in the garden doing a spot of horse riding.

Shibajuku doll on a horse

The Shibajuku dolls are the creation of Madeleine Hunter from Australia, who was inspired by Japanese Harajuku and Shibuya street style. The dolls stand at 13 inches, which is 1 and a half inches taller than the average doll. There are 5 in the collection and Namika, Suki, Koe, Yoko and of course Shizuku all have unique personalities and their own fashion style.

Shibajuku Doll Range

Shibajuku dolls retail at £24.99 and are only available at Smyths Toy Superstores. Shizuku has been a huge hit with Katie, and she is already planning on taking her when we head to London in a few weeks. As long as she has finished overseeing the ‘Doll Olympics’ that is.

Katie was sent a Shibajuku Doll for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own.