We were recently sent 2 boxes of crafts from Baker Ross, a delivery which always has my creative 10 year old very excited. The first box was filled with crafts from their Spring range. As we are starting to see glimpses of Spring this week (hello sunshine and flowers in the garden), the 10 year old was eager to make a start on the Spring crafts.

Baker Ross

We started with the butterfly wands which were really easy to put together. I love the simple instructions that come with all of the Baker Ross crafts. Even a creative novice like me can follow them. The 10 year old decided to leave the ribbon off the wands, and I think they look lovely and colourful.

Baker Ross

We then moved onto the flower pots, which can be used to store pencils and pens in. Again these were really easy to make. You will need glue if you want to stick the leaf onto the pot. As you can see we did one with and one without. I love the little ladybirds and butterflies you can stick on.

Baker Ross

We also received a set of 4 butterfly ceramic pots. We just need to get some new paints as the ones we have are all dried up now. I am sure they will look really colourful after daughter has unleashed her creative talent on them.

Baker Ross

And lastly this was daughters favourite activity, which involved finger painting. The little finger paints were included in the pack.

Baker Ross

We had great fun doing our Spring crafts and can’t wait to share our Easter crafts in a few weeks. Thank you to Baker Ross for supplying us with a box of crafts. All words and opinions are my own.

Baker Ross


6 Thoughts on “Review – Spring Crafts with Baker Ross

  1. Such a great kit Tracey, my two used to love crafting. Joe will still do it sometimes but not a chance with Jack, but I used to love it x

    • Tracey Williams on March 1, 2016 at 10:39 am said:

      I caught Morgan drawing in his room the other day which is unheard of now, and was for pleasure and not for a school project. Katie on the other hand loves glitter, glue and stickers x

  2. Oh these look lovely, I just love the little sets you can get from Baker Ross. It’s so much easier to have everything there ready to go and have a focused activity rather than just letting them loose with paints! xx

    • Tracey Williams on March 2, 2016 at 7:37 pm said:

      We have been really impressed with everything we have had from them. Its really handy that most things come in individual packets. Ideal for popping in your handbag for crafting on the go x

  3. Oh I love these so much and so colourful! Lottie is really into crafts and I know she would like this 🙂 Anything sticking or glueing is a hit!! xx

    • Tracey Williams on March 2, 2016 at 7:42 pm said:

      Jess they are perfect for younger children too. Really good quality and value for what you get, Katie would sit for hours crafting away. She is really creative unlike her mother lol x

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