This weekend sees the Festive Flower and Food Show returning to Blackpool for its second year. Running from the 9th to the 11th November 2017 at Winter Gardens in the heart of Blackpool. Organised by The National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies (NAFAS), their aim is to take the art of flower arranging and place it firmly into the 21st century.


And this event is not just for adults, as kids will have their own workshops to attend on the Saturday. If you have not purchased your tickets yet, here are 8 reasons why you need to visit the show which opens tomorrow.… Continue reading

When I look back at 2016 and our year of travel, I love how many adventures we managed to fit in. Some trips were taken just me and the husband (ah blissful lie ins and child free times). Some were with girlfriends, where there was lots of chatter and far too much gin. But the majority were me, the husband and the kids. With Morgan turning 15 this year, I am under no illusion we are on borrowed time with family holidays. And whilst on one hand that makes me sad, it also makes me determined to pack as much travel and adventure in as we can.… Continue reading

Since February the 10 year old has been desperate to visit Blackpool Pleasure Beach again, and the other weekend we planned our trip. Visiting on a Saturday during the summer holidays we knew it would be busy, and my theme park loving husband had the day planned out.

Big One in the summer

As we were staying in the Big Blue Hotel, we took advantage of the VIP entrance which opens at 10am, the same time as the theme park. This entrance is close to the Big One, and Katie’s main aim was to ride it for the very first time. When she visited in February the ride was closed due to high winds and she was distraught.… Continue reading