The feeling of pure relaxation.

The feeling of never wanting to leave.

The feeling of being surrounded by forest and nature.

The feeling of sinking into your hot tub at the end of the day.

Our feelings of our recent relaxing weekend break to Forest Holidays.



Ever since we visited Forest Holidays last summer, we have all been desperate to return. The summer holidays were ticking along nicely. We had enjoyed days out, meeting up with friends, and a couple of overnight breaks away. It had been busy and fun. But towards the end of the holidays, weContinue reading

As always I was sad to say goodbye to the summer holidays. We have had a fantastic time, and ended the holidays with a break away at Forest Holidays in Nottinghamshire. This is what else we have been up to over the past fortnight.

Forest Holidays mug

Daughter in the forest


The Ikea catalogue popped through my letterbox this week, so it would have been rude not to have stuck the kettle on and read it with a cuppa. We had an Ikea delivery yesterday, and husband is currently in flat pack hell building Katie’s new bed. I am staying well out of the way, and … Continue reading

As a family we have been holidaying in the UK for 13 years now. Our very first family holiday, with our son, was to a Haven site in Filey, Yorkshire.  I still remember our last night. We were sat on Filey beach, enjoying a hot chocolate with all the trimmings, and I remember a feeling of sadness. Sad that our very first holiday was coming to an end. That moment could well have started my love of holidays. You see before having the kids, hubby and I had only been away twice. Once to Benidorm, and to be honest I … Continue reading

Forest Holidays


You can read my most up to date review of Forest Holidays here

As soon as the children broke up for the summer, we headed to Forest Holidays in Sherwood, Nottinghamshire for the week. I did a little ‘live blogging’ when we there, and you can read it here if you wish. Believe me, blogging on the dining room table is not the same as having this gorgeous view when writing.

photo (27)

So what did we think of our first visit to Forest Holidays ? Did it live up to all the wonderful reviews I had read before we went … Continue reading

I thought I would do a little ‘live blogging’ following on from my last post of our Impromptu Getaway. It’s Monday afternoon, and this is my current view from our decking at Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire. Not a bad view to blog from.

View from our decking at Sherwood Pines

View from our decking at Sherwood Pines

Sherwood Forest is part of Forest Holidays, and altogether they have 9 locations around the UK. Forest Holidays combine 2 of my favourite things. Staying in the forest and hot tubs. We chose to visit Sherwood as its a part of the UK we have never visited before. The … Continue reading