This is my husband wrapped up in what I like to call a large piece of tin foil.  It was just after he had finished his second competitive 10k last week, at Oulton Park in the beautiful Cheshire countryside. He came a very impressive 34th out of 400 runners with a time of 43 minutes and 32 seconds. Well done love.

Sunday photo


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This pictures proves that no two children are the same.

My eldest would sit for hours, quietly doing his puzzles and playing with his huge collection of dinosaurs.

He would never throw any food from his highchair. He hated his hands getting messy.

As you can see from this picture, no two children are the same. This is Katie, taken around 7 years ago.

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This photo is from our last trip to Disneyworld back in 2013.

I love it as you get a glimpse of the famous castle in the background.

There is also a lack of people in the picture.

A small tip, if you want to get those elusive pictures infront of the castle, with nobody else in them, book a breakfast reservation at The Magic Kingdom before the park opens to the public.

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I was looking through some old photographs the other day.

This photo was taken on the 15th January 2014, the day I turned 40.

It is of my amazing cake, the cake my husband organised.

And a very talented school mum made.

I had one stipulation about my cake

It had to be something that showed my love of Disney.

I think this pretty much sums it up.

Disney cake

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I came across this picture last week.

It was taken 5 years ago on the morning that Katie went off to school for the very first time.

In a few more days Katie will be in year 5.

I can’t quite believe she only has 2 more years of Primary School left.

She looks so happy and proud in this picture, and thankfully she still loves school.

For anyone who will be waving their little ones off for the very first time soon, it really does go in the blink of an eye.

photo (41)


Sunday photo

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photo (36)

This picture was taken on Thursday whilst we were on holiday in Scotland.

Its the day our son turned 13 (eek a teenager) and he wanted to try his hand at clay pigeon shooting.

I love that he likes to try different activities and tries his hardest in everything he does.

And he thrashed his dad 10-6 in shooting the clays.

Well done son.

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