I have totally failed with not sharing my Sunday photo for about 4 months now, and I hope Darren from Photalife forgives me. So I am back and hoping to share a photo each week, that reflects something that has happened in the past 7 days.

This photo was taken last Saturday in Scotland on my husband’s birthday. Who an earth would celebrate turning 45 by rolling down a hill, in a large hamster ball filled with freezing cold water. Oh and dressed in his swimming trunks. Happy birthday husband.

Photo - Water Zorbing

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These pictures were taken as we were travelling home from the beautiful county of Northumberland today. You might think we stopped off at a local beauty spot. But no, we stopped off on the M6, and these pictures were taken at a service station. Yes a pretty dismal, run of the mill service station with an amazing view at the back. We certainly didn’t expect that.

FullSizeRender (28)

Bird in flight

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Imagine waking up on Easter morning to this delightful display of Eggs. I would love to say this is our Easter breakfast, but this wonderful display of eggs have all been donated to the leisure club where we are members.  Every single egg will then go to a local children’s charity for under privileged children. Well done to the members of David Lloyd who have donated over 250 eggs to this worthwhile cause.

Happy Easter everyone and I hope you have a wonderful chocolate filled day.

Easter Eggs

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I came across this picture last week.

It was taken 5 years ago on the morning that Katie went off to school for the very first time.

In a few more days Katie will be in year 5.

I can’t quite believe she only has 2 more years of Primary School left.

She looks so happy and proud in this picture, and thankfully she still loves school.

For anyone who will be waving their little ones off for the very first time soon, it really does go in the blink of an eye.

photo (41)


Sunday photo

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Sunday photo

This is the first time I have linked up with onedad3girls for the Sunday Photo. My iPhone is filled with memories of last week when we were away. This particular photo is where we all spent a great deal of our time.

This is the place where we chatted away as a family

This is the place where we played charades with the kids late into the night

This is the place where I relaxed for an hour all by myself

This is the place where I drank coffee in the morning and wine in the evening

This is the place where the birds and butterflies would fly past

This is the place where we giggled as a family

This is the place my husband and I talked into the early hours

This is the place where I felt the most relaxed and happy

photo (26)


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