IMG_1880Apparently I have a tween. A real breathing sometimes grumpy tween. I must admit a few months ago I kept seeing the word ‘tween’ on twitter and had no idea I was living with one. Wikipedia tells me a tween is a person who is between 10 and 12. Cool I have a 11 year old so yes I am a mother of a tween. Basically a tween is a pre teen if you had not figured that out already. If tween is not in the English dictionary, I am sure it will be very soon along with twerking !

Anyway I wanted to blog about the past 5 weeks in our house. I feel that we have been going through abit of a transition as our tween grows up. He headed off to High School at the beginning of September. HIGH SCHOOL !!! Was I not bringing him home from the hospital about 5 minutes ago ? So how is he coping with going to High School ? I actually think he is coping with High School really well. The transition from his Primary School to High School was excellent. He had 3 induction days, and for the past 12 months he has been going to his High School for their Saturday club. This was such a great idea as he made new friends and got to know the school and some of the teachers. So on his first day, I was not sat their worrying about him as I knew he would be fine as he knew the school.

He seems to enjoy school and has made new friends which is good as there were only 5 of them going to his High School from the Primary School. We dont get much out of him what he does on a daily basis but hey that’s normal for a tween ! The one thing he seemed to struggle with was the amount of homework he was getting. He started to get very angry when we mentioned homework, and we had to think of a way we could manage this without world war 3 happening every night. I am trying to find the middle ground of where I am not being a nagging mother about homework, but then he does need a nudge to get it done otherwise it would be left. He is finding it easier now and we are having less angry moments from him which is good. I was really proud of him last week when a teacher wrote in his planner ‘Loved your homework this week Morgan and it gave us a great talking point in class’

So how else is my tween changing ? He showers EVERY DAY now. And spends about 15 minutes in the shower too. Does he not know we are on a water meter ! I suppose I should not complain. His appearance is starting to change. He is getting a few spots on his face so I have armed him with some face wash. He is getting taller and soon will be as tall as me ! He wants his hair perfect for school and spends time infront of the mirror perfecting it. This is from the boy who didn’t even comb his hair in Primary School.

I am sure over the next few months and years I will blog again about living with a tween and then a teenager. I am sure it will be a rocky ride at times. And when it is I can always move into the garden shed !


One Thought on “My tween and High School

  1. sarahmo3w on October 23, 2013 at 6:18 pm said:

    Lovely post and I can definitely relate to it! My son is in year 8 now, but I still can’t persuade him to shower every day!

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