3 Stylish Ways to Create More Space in Your Home

Every home can benefit from extra storage. Whether you need to store clothing, bedding, toys or sports equipment, chances are you will struggle to find space for it all. The other problem is that many storage solutions can look ugly and unattractive.

ways to create more space in your home

Here we offer 3 ideas to incorporate both style and storage into your home.

Beautiful Bookshelves

When we are looking for extra storage space, the first thing we should do is look up. Using height and wall space could offer us just the extra storage we need. Built-in bookshelves, freestanding display shelves and tall ladder shelf units are all options that are chic as well as functional. Also, it’s not just books that we can keep on here. Letter trays, magazines and diaries can be put on shelves, as well as perfectly positioned plants, candles and decorative sculptures to make the area more personal.

Ornamental Ottomans

Ottomans, also known as storage chests, are great pieces of furniture that can look extremely smart and house an abundance of household essentials. Placed in the bedroom, usually at the end of your bed, an ottoman can be used to store bed linen, towels or blankets. They are also ideal for putting in your winter clothing during the summer months, and vice versa with your warm-weather clothing during winter. Ottomans are also perfect for adding to your lounge to create a comfy place for guests to sit, as well as for storing toys, books or stationery that you don’t want to have on show every day.

Well-ordered Wardrobes

Wardrobe space often comes at a prime, especially when you are sharing with a partner who has a love for clothes and shoes. Built-in wardrobe solutions are usually the best option for maximising space in a bedroom, as they can mould to the shape of the room, although there are also many freestanding wardrobe alternatives that could suit your space perfectly too. There are some other innovative solutions that could be explored in addition to the traditional wardrobe option. Freestanding clothes rails can look chic in an industrial-styled bedroom, and providing you keep your rail neat and tidy, this could become a feature of the room itself. Using height and upper wall space is also an option. You could hang some decorative ropes or coloured chains from the ceiling to hold scarves, ties or small accessories, as well as creating an interesting piece of bedroom art at the same time.

Providing you think creatively and research the various products available, you should be able to achieve the perfect amount of storage without hindering your interior style goals.

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