I don’t know about you, but prior to even thinking about getting the Christmas decorations down from the loft, I have to give the whole house a good clean. I get a certain sense of satisfaction about cleaning, and the one room I am looking forward to tackling is the kitchen. We have a fairly small kitchen with limited worktops, so literally every available space matters. One thing that takes up alot of space is our microwave. I feel its far too bulky, and if I am honest I have never liked it. I am constantly cleaning the outside of it, as it shows every single fingerprint.… Continue reading

Over the past few weeks, I have been wondering whether this will be the final year. The year that my youngest, who will be 10 in January, stops believing in the magic of Christmas. And that leaves me with a heavy heart. Since my son was born 13 years ago, we have visited Father Christmas every single year. 13 years of taking those all important photos as they look excited, and sometimes bewildered at being in the presence of Father Christmas.

We have visited him in many different locations, but by far my favourite has to be Centerparcs. Not least because you get a fairly decent toy, though you do have to pay for the privilege.… Continue reading

Now I must apologise as I mention the word ‘Christmas’ in this post *gasps*

I was really excited to receive 4 of the new candles from Yankee Candle festive collection. This collection is called ‘Baby its fun outside and cosy inside’ which is just THE best title for a festive collection. You instantly conjure up images of frolicking in the snow, and cosying up by a roaring fire. The new fragrances are called

Cosy By The Fire          Bundle Up

Winter Glow                  Berry Trifle

photo 1 (91)

photo 2 (92)

I adore the smell of Yankee Candles and couldn’t wait to open them and have that all important sniff.… Continue reading

This year we decided to go away for Christmas. This is something we did back in 2011 when we went to Centerparcs, and we loved being away. Now I know its not for everybody, and people love being at home surrounded by their family. I knew my parents would not be around for Christmas day. When a mailer came through my door offering me Christmas breaks for 50% off, I was on the phone and booked within the hour !

securedownload (42)

View of the lake from our decking


Now I just had to formulate a plan as dear daughter had asked for a bike off Father Christmas.… Continue reading

I blogged a few weeks ago saying how hubby and I set a strict £10.00 budget for each other for Christmas. We have been doing this for a number of years now. I love the challenge of getting ‘as good as I can get’ presents with just £10.00. So here are the presents all wrapped up

securedownload (26)

And here are his presents !!!

securedownload (36)

Hobbit Calendar – £1.00

Umbro Aftershave – £1.00

Simon Scarrow book – £1.00

How to poo at work book !!! – £1.99

Lancôme Mens smellies – £1.99

Lego Keyring – £0.44

Snickers – £1.00

Socks – £0.37

Welsh Magnet – £0.50

Wispa and Flump – £0.71

Aftershave Sachets – Free

And here are all my gifts.… Continue reading



Winter Wonderland is back for its second year at Event City in Manchester. We went last year and loved it, and I was delighted to be given the chance to review it again this year. Winter Wonderland is based indoors, right next to the Trafford Centre in Manchester. It’s open from 13th December to the 4th January, so plenty of time still to visit. Tickets can be booked online, and the price for a family ticket is £60.00.  This will give you 4 hours inside Winter Wonderland, and they typically run 2 sessions most days. All the sessions available can be viewed on their website.… Continue reading


Pantomime season is in full swing and on Saturday evening we went to our local theatre, The Brindley, to watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I am ashamed to say that as a family we have never been to watch a Pantomime at the theatre. Usually the kids go and watch it with school or cubs, but this year there were no trips planned. I know the pantomime is really popular with local people, and I was really excited to go and have some Christmas family time. We had actually met some of the stars of the pantomime back in September, when The Brindley celebrated their 10th birthday.… Continue reading

The Williams household became all festive on Friday. Well when I say festive, there is no tinsel or sparkly decorations hanging from the ceiling. I am definitely in the ‘less is more’ camp when it comes to Christmas decorations. Anyway I thought I would share our festive living room. Plus I always forget where everything goes, so will be nice to look back on this post in a years time !

securedownload (27)

This is the first Christmas since we did our living room back in March, and this year I had new units and our marble fireplace to decorate.  I love the garland over the mantelpiece which was bought from Tesco a few years ago for £10.00.… Continue reading

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10 things you won’t find me doing this Christmas

1 – Putting the tree up in November. Quite simply Christmas is in December NOT November. Its now the 7th December and still no tree up in The Williams house. Our tree goes up the middle weekend in December and one year it went up the third weekend….. Gasp !!!

2 – Braving the shops ANYTIME in December. My Christmas shopping is done via a laptop, Pyjamas on with a large glass of gin/wine/baileys.

3 – Taking about 4 hours to write Christmas cards. Sorry but I don’t see the point in Christmas cards anymore, and have not sent one in about 8 years.… Continue reading

Last year some of you may remember I blogged about ‘Amazing what you can get for a tenner’. Hubby and I have a limit of £10.00 for each others Christmas presents. Yep no Radley bags or Pandora charms for me. We started our tradition around 4 years ago when we were saving to go to Florida, and we now do it every year. Its amazing how much thought you put into it with only a small budget. I am great at sourcing bargains, and this year he has a total of 9 presents to open on the big day, beating his 8 of last year.… Continue reading