The Ordinary Moments – Will this be the final year ?

Over the past few weeks, I have been wondering whether this will be the final year. The year that my youngest, who will be 10 in January, stops believing in the magic of Christmas. And that leaves me with a heavy heart. Since my son was born 13 years ago, we have visited Father Christmas every single year. 13 years of taking those all important photos as they look excited, and sometimes bewildered at being in the presence of Father Christmas.

We have visited him in many different locations, but by far my favourite has to be Centerparcs. Not least because you get a fairly decent toy, though you do have to pay for the privilege. Seeing the kids all excited as we start the queuing process. The excitement building as we get nearer to the magical door. Some years the children would rush over to him, and other years they would be a little confused as they walk in. It melts your heart seeing the reactions from your children when they meet Father Christmas. Because for those few precious moments he is real. Even to a 40 something year old woman.

Father Christmas 2009


Father Christmas

We are visiting Winter Wonderland in Manchester next week, where we plan to visit Father Christmas. Will this be the final year we visit him ? Katie will be 10 next month, and her brother stopped believing in the magic when he was 7, so I know we are on borrowed time.

So next week when we visit him, I am going to take a little moment to cherish the past 13 years. To treasure the ordinary moment of seeing Father Christmas. As I have a feeling it may well be our last ever year.

Father Christmas 2010 A

Father Christmas 2010

Father Christmas 2011 B

Father Christmas 2011 A

The pictures above were all taken at Centerparcs between 2008 and 2011.





14 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments – Will this be the final year ?”

  1. This made me feel a little emotional Tracey. So lovely. And it is such a magical part of this time of year, I remember knowing a couple of years before I mentioned that I knew to my Mum, just because I wanted to keep the magic alive. Treasure these moments this year. x

    • Aw sorry to make you emotional Katie. I am definitely going to treasure every minute when we see him next week. Its lovely that you wanted to keep the magic alive for your mum. Thanks hunny xx

    • After reading your post the other week, I know its time to say goodbye to some old traditions this year. But like you said its the perfect chance to introduce new traditions as the kids get older. I am sure a trip to New York equals a visit to see Father Christmas at the local shopping mall lol x

  2. Ahhhhh don’t. I am loving this Christmas already because of how wonderful and magical it is for the twins. It makes the whole period. But I am sure the years ahead will bring their own new adventures and amazing times for your special family. Lovely, lovely post xxxx

    • Thanks Jess. I know we can’t stop our children from growing up, but it really does go in a blink of an eye. I am going to cherish this year, and next Christmas concentrate on making new memories and traditions for us all xx

    • Thank you. I am sure it will be just as magical this year, and I am looking forward to making new memories and traditions from next Christmas x

  3. This little tradition ended far too early for my youngest and I often feel guilty about that. In fact many things stop earlier for the youngest child. I think you’ve done well getting to 10, The Boy stopped believing about 8 🙁

    • I know we are doing well with her, as our eldest was about 7 when he stopped believing. He took it all in his stride, but I know we are on borrowed time with our youngest x

  4. What a lovely post. It’s sad, isn’t it? I know my daughter doesn’t believe any more, because she just came out and said it! We still keep the pretence up, but it does make life slightly easier. Funnily enough, my boys never came out and said it, so I don’t know when they stopped believing!
    We still usually visit Father Christmas for my niece, but we’re going this year (due to the panto!). We said we would let all of our kids go until year 6 as it felt a bit mean to stop it for the younger two just because the eldest had gone to secondary school.

    • I have a feeling Katie no longer believes but she has never come out and said anything to us. You never know I may get another year out of the magic, but I think once she goes to High School there is no way she will be visiting Father Christmas. Looking forward to thinking up new traditions and memories for us all xx


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