Over the past few months there has been one thing that has dominated our lives, and if you also have a child in year 11, you will know exactly what I am talking about. Yes, GCSEs. The exams finally started for my son yesterday, and I am pretty sure that teens all over the country will be wishing the next few weeks away.

Celebrating the start of GCSEs with cake

Talk of GCSEs start the minute your child hits year 11, and thankfully my teen has been revising since the start of September. He has dragged himself into school at weekends for revision classes, stayed late after school, and forfeited a few games of Fortnite in favour of putting his head in a book.… Continue reading

Ever since I came across My Icon Story on instagram a few months ago, I fell in love with the concept of creating beautiful icons to capture your travel memories. Long gone are the days when holiday prints are put in a photo album to gather dust. Your travel memories can now be transformed into beautiful pieces of icon art.

My Icon Story Review

Laura Robinson is the brains behind My Icon Story, a brand she created in 2016 after enjoying her own travel adventures. In less than two years it’s hard to believe that Laura has designed over 300 icons, with more being added almost daily due to customer demand.… Continue reading

When you hear the word Lindt at this time of year, you can’t help but think of their gold chocolate reindeer. The cute little reindeer with it’s red velvet bow and tinkling bell, all ready to surprise you when you open your Christmas stocking. But it’s not all about the reindeers, as Lindt also has a fantastic variety of other products to tempt us with this Christmas.

Lindt Chocolate Giveaway

From advent calendars to the Lindt chocolate Santa, and not forgetting the oh so delicious Lindor truffles that are produced by Lindt,  they certainly have something for the chocolate lover in your family. And to get your Christmas started, I am giving away a box of Lindor truffles. … Continue reading

If you are a fan of the fun loving stationery brand Smiggle, then I am sure you are aware that they release an advent calendar each year. Twenty five days of lovely stationery surprises await the lucky recipient, guaranteed to start your December with a smile and a giggle.

Smiggle advent calendar

We recently had the chance to review one of the advent calendars which have been released for this year. I of course passed the very important task of opening each door over to my daughter. Katie discovered Smiggle a few years ago and loves the products as they are bright, fun and colourful. … Continue reading

I can’t believe we have less than 3 weeks of the summer holidays to go, and of course my mind is full of various to do lists. Anybody else have the dreaded school shoe purchases still to make ? Thankfully Katie is one step ahead of me, and is organised as ever with her ‘back to school stationery box’. I kid you not, a box FULL of stationery for when she starts high school in September. And thanks to Smiggle, she now has a few more items to add to her box.

Smiggle Back to School Range

Katie loves the ‘adventures wallet’ and with it being so bright and colourful there is less chance of her losing it.… Continue reading

Tis the season for giving, and I have teamed up with L’Occitane and Hotel Chocolat for a festive giveaway. This time of year always seems to be a blur of shopping, wrapping and endless to do lists. And we often forget to relax and look after ourselves.

L'Occitane and Hotel Chocolat

If you follow me on social media you might know that I was a very lucky lady on the 1st December. My wonderful husband surprised me with the L’Occitane advent calendar, and every day I have been using the products behind each door. It has been my chance to relax in the evening and pamper myself with hand creams, shower gels and divine smelling soap.… Continue reading

I’m not sure what it is about October, but my brain seems to fast forward to Christmas. After being presented with the kid’s Christmas lists at the weekend, I decided it was time to start the serious business of Christmas shopping. Being a typical teenager Morgan’s list consists of PlayStation games, PlayStation vouchers and PlayStation magazines. I wanted to add some non PlayStation gifts to his list, something that would be cool and captivating to a 14 year old boy. And this is where the Book of Everyone comes in.

The book of everyone

The Book of Everyone is a 50 page personalised book, which can be ordered in deluxe, hardback, paperback and digital versions.… Continue reading

With October half term approaching fast, wondering how to fill our days are at the front of my mind. The thing with October is you can never guarantee the weather. Some days have a typical Autumnal feel to them with a chill in the air. Whilst other days have us peeling our coats off in the Autumn sunshine. I like to fill our days with a mixture of outside adventures, plus some cosy indoor activities, and what better way than heading to the theatre this October.

Railway Children

For 2 days during half term you can catch the brand new adaption of The Railway children, at The Epstein Theatre in the heart of Liverpool.… Continue reading

With less than 4 weeks to go until the return to school, there is only one thing on my daughter’s mind……. shiny new stationery. She has even dedicated a box in the playroom for all her new supplies, so when Smiggle sent her some awesome back to school stationery she was very excited.

Back to school with Smiggle

Smiggle stands for where a smile meets a giggle, quite possibly the best store name ever.  The first store was opened in Australia way back in 2003, and in 2014 Smiggle came to the UK. The brand is all about delivering fun and innovative products, encouraging children to be creative, and offering a fantastic range from pencil sharpeners to cool lunch bags.… Continue reading

What a glorious week it has been weather wise, and we have had lots of family time sat in the garden. We have had picnics on the decking, water fights and enjoying playing card games. I was recently sent our very own personalised Happy Families card game from Go for it Games. I remember playing Happy Families with my own parents when I was little, and now I was getting the chance to play it with my own children.

And not just any version of Happy Families, but a very special ‘Happy Williams Families’. The traditional game has been revamped and there are lots of surnames to choose from on their website.… Continue reading