Little Loves – Amsterdam and Anniversaries

Oh May, one of my favourite months of the year, and you did not disappoint. It has been a fantastic month, which started off with Blog On. A chance to spend the day with old and new friends at this popular blogging conference, at Hotel Football in Manchester. We also celebrated 18 years of marriage, and 3 days later another anniversary, 20 years since we met. And where do you go to celebrate such an occasion…. Amsterdam FOR THE DAY.


I have kept to my aim of reading 2 books a month. A Stranger in the House is by the same author of The Couple Next Door, and I must admit I loved both books. Definitely a page turner and a good psychological thriller. I then read The Marriage Pact, which I thought was quite apt with the anniversaries this month. It definitely got you thinking about marriage, and had plenty of twists and turns along the way.

A Stranger in the House book


We have just finished watching Fleabag, and whilst it took me a few episodes to get into it, I ended up loving the show. A real heartfelt, quirky comedy, and you can’t help but fall in love with Fleabag, played by the brilliant Phoebe Waller-Bridge (writer of Killing Eve).



The Harry Potter audio book that the husband is listening to at the moment. I’m not into Harry Potter (don’t hate me) nor audio books, but I must admit the relaxing tone of Stephen Fry reading is certainly relaxing.


We ‘made’ our way to Amsterdam for the day, and what a day it was. Exactly 20 years since we met on a night out, we both wanted to celebrate in a way that we would remember for many years to come. So we took the 7am flight out of Manchester, landed in Amsterdam an hour later, and spent the day exploring this beautiful city.

Exploring Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canals

And what a wonderful day we had. We started off with a canal cruise, which took us around the many canals of Amsterdam. Seriously, I didn’t realise how many canals there were, and after the cruise we wandered around the city, taking it all in. Stopping for those all important glasses of lager, wandering over the bridges of Amsterdam, putting our love lock on a railing to celebrate 20 years, and of course no trip to Amsterdam is complete without a stroll through the Red Light District.

Beer in Amsterdam

Love Lock in Amsterdam

It was the BEST day out. We left the house at 4.15am, got back in at 11.15pm, walked 24k steps, laughed, smiled, and I celebrated 20 years of having this guy by my side.



My jumpsuit from Sainsburys has had a few outings this month. It was the perfect outfit for Amsterdam, comfortable for the plane and for also walking all those steps. Plus I also wore it for Blog On. This picture was taken in Greece last month, and it’s one of those outfits that I feel really good in… and believe me I don’t say that often.

Sainsburys Jumpsuite

And lastly

I am always sad to see the back of May, but looking forward to seeing what June has in store.

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20 thoughts on “Little Loves – Amsterdam and Anniversaries”

  1. It sounds like you’ve had an amazing month! I love that you did something as crazy as going to Amsterdam just for the day ha and it looks beautiful. A belated happy anniversary!

    Stevie x

    • Aw thank you. We definitely wanted something crazy and I think we achieved it. We did so much considering we were only in the city for just over 8 hours x

  2. Tracey, I am still in awe of you two heading to Amsterdam for the day – what an adventure! The books sound good too. I’ve not read anything this month but find it such a great form of escapism so am really going to try in June. xx

    • It certainly was an adventure. I had to keep pinching myself all day that we were actually there, with NO kids too. First time abroad without them, and I totally fell in love with Amsterdam. It’s certainly not just sex and drugs lol x

    • YES, you definitely need to do it Sam. We left the kids for the day and they were completely fine (we got in at 11.15pm and they were both waiting up for us). We are definitely going to do more day trips just the two of us x

    • Aw thanks Susan. Everything went to plan, and it was such a brilliant day that we will always remember x

  3. I love that outfit on you its so stylish, it sounds like an amazing month Tracey its fab that you can go to Amsterdam in a day we keep saying we are going to go but never get around to it! Happy anniversary to you both x

    • Aw thank you lovely, it was such an amazing day and would you believe the first time we had been abroad without the kids in nearly 17 years. I am definitely going to plan more trips that you can do in a day, so much fun x

    • Thank you KA. It was always going to be a full on month, but an absolutely fantastic month with memories to treasure forever x

  4. Huge congrats.
    I am so impressed to hear you managed to do Amsterdam for the day.
    I would never have thought it was possible.
    I have always wanted to go but we can never be gone overnight so this fills me with hope.

    • It was one of the reasons we just went for the day, as we couldn’t leave the kids overnight and this was the next best thing. It was honestly the best day out, and I am still smiling over it now x

  5. Oh May sounds like it was wonderful for you! So many great Little Loves. I’ve read stranger in the house and really enjoyed it. Let’s talk about Fleabag, I think I need to go back and watch it, I think I managed one or two episodes, but have heard so many good things about it. Amsterdam looks like it was beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful month ahead, thanks so much for linking up this month xx

    • Fleabag took me about 4 episodes until I started getting into it, so I would definitely give it another chance if you can. Amsterdam was an amazing day out and I fell in love with the city x

  6. Oh wow, spending the day in Amsterdam sounds brilliant! It’s somewhere I’ve been wanting to visit for ages – it looks beautiful. And what gorgeous sunshine you had for it too – happy anniversary to you both, what fantastic milestones to celebrate together. We’ve just had our 5 year wedding anniversary and will celebrate 15 years together in August. I wanted to try and go to Paris for a long weekend to celebrate but sadly other things have got in the way so we’ll have to wait. I’ve heard lots of good things about Fleabag but know absolutely nothing about it whatsoever. Worth a try?

    • Oh Chloe Amsterdam blew me away, I didn’t realise what a beautiful city it is. So glad we went for the day, and we are going back in the summer holidays with the kids. Aw I hope you get to Paris one day. Fleabag is definitely worth a try, but it took me a few episodes to get into it x


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