So sorry that I have been quiet on my blog. Like many people I have been struggling with life as we now know it, and putting thoughts and feelings into words has seemed impossible some days. But today is the first day I have felt like opening up the laptop, and putting my thoughts and feelings into writing.

Lockdown with teens

We are no doubt dealing with life like many other families and people around the world. Swaying between days of utter despair and sadness, the days where we feel so out of control, and just want to curl up in a ball until it’s all over. And the okay days that arrive, the days where we can get out of bed and face the day, almost with a smile on our faces.

Living in lockdown with teens has been surprisingly okay. Katie (aged 14) was always out with her friends when life was normal, and I worried how she would react to lockdown. But she seems to be coping well, and thank goodness for House Party, Snapchat and whatever else keeps our teens connected.

Morgan (aged 17) again is coping brilliantly, though he is missing the gym. He has had to face his A Levels being cancelled, and a very abrupt end to 6th form, after being at his High School for 7 years. One positive to come out of this, is that his conditional offer for UNI was changed to an unconditional offer, which means he will be off to Liverpool John Moores to study Psychology in September (fingers crossed anyway).

The husband works in Science and is a key worker, though he has been working from home to protect me (I am classed as vulnerable). It seems to be going well, and I am really thankful for our playroom which has been turned into his office in the day, and an extra living room for the evenings.

And as for me, well I’m doing okay. I am of course worried about contracting Coronavirus, having had problems with my lungs since July, and being diagnosed with Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis in November. The good news is that I have finally stopped taking steroids, after being on them for 5 months. I was gradually weaned off them, and on Tuesday I took my final tablet. My breathing is still good, and I just need to stay home and be safe.

Like many other people we are finding our way in the ‘new normal’. The teenagers seem happy in their rooms chatting away to their friends, and our motto is ‘Happy and Healthy’. We have tea around the table each night, and on Saturdays we play Trivial Pursuit, the winner gets a fiver. Yes, you do occasionally have to bribe teenagers, especially in lockdown to enjoy some ‘family fun’.

In amongst this surreal life, there has been some incredibly sad moments. One of my close friends sadly lost her step mum, and last week Katie’s Science teacher, aged just 35 died. It brings home how this virus is affecting everybody.

Stay home and stay safe. And if you are a key worker in whatever capacity, THANK YOU xx