Little Loves – Prom Suits, Zip Wires and GCSE Exams

It is always my intention to get my Little Loves post out on a Friday, but I have spectacularly failed this week as it’s now Sunday evening. Looking back it has been a pretty ‘normal’ few weeks, and I can tell from the lack of pictures I have taken that life has been filled with school, work, and just the usual life stuff.

Little Loves


I read a lovely message from one of the teen’s teachers, who said that Morgan was extremely lucky to have such a supportive family, and that it shone through in him. Parenting teens is HARD WORK, and parenting teens going through GCSEs is even harder, so it was lovely to hear that we are getting parts of this parenting journey right.


My husband hurtling down a zip wire at over 100mph at the amazing Zip World in North Wales. He said it was an amazing experience, very well organised, and overall a brilliant day out at Zip World.

Husband at Zip World

Velocity at Zip World


LOTS of Spanish from the teen. Yes it was the dreaded Spanish speaking GCSE exam last Thursday. The teen will be the first to admit it’s probably his worst subject. But after practising every day for the past few weeks, he was confident going into it, and said the exam went well.


No attempt at making anything


We collected the teen’s prom suit, and of course I *may* have had something in my eye when he tried it on in the shop.

Prom Suit

And lastly

Little Loves is now moving to a monthly link up, so the next time I catch up with you will be the end of May. By then we will be well into the GCSEs as they start in 2 weeks, plus we have our wedding anniversary to look forward to, 17 years married !!!


8 thoughts on “Little Loves – Prom Suits, Zip Wires and GCSE Exams”

  1. How lovely to read that from M’s teacher. You must be so proud of him (and I think you can give yourself a pat on the back too!). Glad your husband had such an amazing time at Zip World.
    Good luck to M for the GCSES! X

    • I actually had a tear in my eye reading the message. As you know parenting teens is hard, especially with the added pressure of going through exams. It was lovely to hear such nice things about the way he is in school. Ha he is crazy for doing the zip wire, but he loved the whole experience x

  2. Ha ha something in your eye, I know exactly what you mean! And well done to him you must be so proud this is such a tough year isn’t it, I felt tense about it all year I think and am so glad it is all over. I would so do that Zip Wire it sounds amazing !

    • It’s such an emotional time isn’t it Sarah, and I don’t know how you got through it with one child finishing high school and the other finishing primary. You are a right daredevil Sarah, I felt funny watching him going down a thin piece of wire. Trouble is Katie wants to do it now lol x

  3. Aww that is so lovely to read that from M’s teacher. You must be so proud of him. That is good your husband had such an amazing time at Zip World. Hope the exams go well, good luck x

    • Thank you Susan, he is busy revising as less than a week to go now until they start. Hubby loved Zip World and he is definitely a braver person than I am lol x

  4. I didn’t spot your little loves post last week for some reason ! Aww it’s all about the teen this week I bet you feel like he just started school yesterday and now he’s getting ready to leave. Can’t wait to see pics of his prom suit x

    • You are right, it is definitely all about him at the moment. I can’t wait until the exams are all over and he can enjoy his prom and his summer of fun x


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