Little Loves – School Trips, Cheeseboards and High School Decisions

This past fortnight has been a funny old mixture. Ranging from the normal everyday activities such as work, school and clubs. To the pure excitement of school trips, pancakes and secondary school decisions.


At 12.10am on Wednesday morning I read two words ‘Place Offered’. Yes the 1st March was High School decision day. And even though I was 99.9% sure that Katie would be allocated a place at her brother’s school, it was still nice to get the confirmation. I was a mixture of nerves and excitement logging onto the website, not helped by the fact I had to reset my password at midnight. If you were also waiting for the decision on Wednesday, I really hope you got what you wanted.


Secondary School DecisionWatched

A school hall full of excited children. No sooner had I told Katie the good news about Secondary School, she was off on a school residential for 3 days. She has gone to Conwy in North Wales where she will abseil, raft build, zip wire and canoe down the Menai Straights. I can certainly say that the house has been A LOT quieter and tidier without her.


Absolutely nothing of interest. I can’t even post a beautifully creative World Book Day outfit, as our school is celebrating it next week. Nor gorgeous looking fluffy pancakes as my stepdad was on pancake duty. So here is a picture of my cheeseboard from when we went out for dinner the other night. Well I guess somebody ‘made’ it.


Eating out - The White Lion Cheshire


The swirling winds and torrential rain of Storm Doris which caused damage to our roof.  Not very ‘little loves’ but at least we still have a roof over our heads, unlike some people. I know of 2 houses where the roofs had completely blown off. So I am thanking my lucky stars we only had minor damage which has now been fixed.


When you wander into Sainsburys for nutella for Pancake Day, and come out with a new top. And how did I not realise you can order clothes online from Sainsburys now. Being a ‘curvy lady’ I tend to stay clear of stripes. But I love this top, especially the sleeve detail which seems to be everywhere at the moment.

Sainsburys TU clothing

And lastly

No doubt my little lady will be exhausted when she comes home from her trip today, and I can’t wait to give her the biggest hug EVER. Have a great week x

Daughter drinking coffee


16 thoughts on “Little Loves – School Trips, Cheeseboards and High School Decisions”

  1. What a cute photo of your little one hope she had fun. I love, love the top stripes are my favorite. I didn’t know you could order them online either. Must check it out. #littleloves

    • Thanks Jenny, she had the most fantastic time away and came home full of wonderful stories. I felt like she had been away for weeks, the house is so quiet when one child is missing. They had some lovely clothes in the other day, and I will definitely order online in the future if I can’t get to a store x

    • She came home bursting with stories about her adventures. She always pushes herself, and I honestly think it is because she is used to doing things like that in Beavers, Cubs and now Scouts. It has certainly been a week hasn’t it, what with the high school news too. At least we can all breathe a sigh of relief for a little while x

  2. Lovely top, I keep seeing people with some great finds from Sainsburys. Congratulations on getting the school place you want, it’s so nerve wracking isn’t it? Even when you know you are almost certain to get in. xx

    • They had some gorgeous pieces in the other day, both in the clothes section and also for the home. I must admit I love the quality of Sainsburys clothes. Yes, I can breathe a sigh of relief now with regards to high schools, though in another 12 months it will be looking at colleges and 6th forms for son x

  3. Ah a lovely week, when I logged on at midnight I felt truly sick! The relief was unbelievable I just couldn’t face what we went through last time. Hope Katie had a fab time and so pleased she got her school. Ps I love the top xx

    • Thanks Sarah, I tend to stay away from stripes but fell in love with the top the other day. I think we definitely deserve a glass of wine after high decision day x

    • It is great for hiding curves Rachel as it’s quite a long top. I usually shy away from stripes, but thought I will embrace them on this occasion x

  4. Glad to hear Katie got a place, nothing is guaranteed nowadays when it comes to school places so it’s still a nerve wracking time. That cheese board looks delicious and having someone make pancakes for you is just bliss mine were an embarrassment this year ! Have a lovely week Tracey. #LittleLoves

    • Thanks Angela, I am glad she got in and can’t wait for the next stage of her school journey. The cheese board was EPIC, though husband had to help me out with it x

  5. I’m so with you on the ‘made’ category, it is without a doubt the hardest one to fill! Hope your little lady had a great trip away, so glad she got into the school you wanted. And yes to Sainsbury’s clothes! They are fab. xx

    • I seem to struggle every week. I am not the creative mum, and you will never find me in the kitchen whipping up cakes. Thinking outside the box is always a winner for me lol. She had a fantastic time away. Full of lots of tales and memories being made x


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