Little Loves – Spring Vibes, Weddings and The Replacement

I honestly thought we were turning a corner with the weather, as we were graced with a beautiful Spring day on Wednesday. Thankfully it was my day off, and I headed to David Lloyd for a dip in the outdoor pool. Oh and I couldn’t resist embracing Spring by picking up some tulips and (yet another) planner.

Sainsburys planner and tulips


The David Lloyd club that I attend has just introduced a free book library, so I picked up My Sister’s Keeper. I have not started it yet, but I believe I need to stock up on tissues.

Jodi Picoult - My Sister's Keeper


Gilmore Girls has been put on the back burner, and for the past few nights it has been all about The Replacement. We still have the last episode to watch, and I have no idea how it’s going to end.  I won’t give away any spoilers, but if you haven’t had chance to watch it, you can catch it on the iPlayer. Brilliant acting and it had the husband and I gripped from the start.

The Replacement on BBC


Another week….. another fail at this section.


How can you not feel uplifted when you hear Mr Brightside by The Killers. It was played at a wedding we went to at the weekend, and since then it has been on repeat on my Spotify. It’s definitely a song that needs to be played LOUD.


Whilst this new dress was meant to be for our upcoming holiday, I liked it so much I wore it to the wedding we went to on Sunday. Now I usually stay away from the ‘cold shoulder’ look, as quite frankly nobody wants to be subjected to my flabby arms. But it was one of those dresses that you put on and you instantly fall in love with. Sorry for the awkward pose, I don’t think I will ever make it in the world of fashion bloggers.

Asda Cold Shoulder dress

Sunday wedding vibes

By the way this was not my pint. I am definitely more a ‘pint of gin’ girl.

And lastly

When you get sent chocolate to review, and then promptly realise you agreed to give it up for lent. Of course I had to have a little ‘nibble’ for work purposes, but the rest have been put away for Easter. Have a great week x

Seed and Bean chocolate

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26 thoughts on “Little Loves – Spring Vibes, Weddings and The Replacement”

  1. Love the sound of an outdoor swim. I read my sisters keeper many years ago and I still remember it well (definitely stock up on tissues). I’ve not started watching the replacement yet.

    • I am so emotional at the best of times, so I will definitely make sure I have a good stock of tissues. The Replacement was so good and can highly recommend x

  2. Ahhh you look so lovely dressed up sounds like you had a great time. Love my sisters keeper and the Replacement is on my list everyone is talking about it. I am always behind the bandwagon trying to play catching up with all these books and shows people are sharing and raving about. lol Spring is here hooray! Hope you are having a great weekend. #littleloves

    • Thanks Jenny, it’s just nice to get dressed up from time to time. Plus we had a sneaky night away at the wedding venue which was nice. The Replacement is SO good, and don’t worry about being behind the bandwagon. We are still only on episode 3 of Gilmore Girls x

    • I honestly thought it was going to be a fluffy programme all about baby showers, how wrong was I lol. Thanks Angela, we had a lovely time at the wedding and it was nice to get away x

  3. Tracey you looks os lovely a great dress choice, and woohooo to wearing it in Greece, I am so so excited I just cant wait, and ooh the chocolate looks so good, have a lovely week xxx

    • Thanks Sarah and I cannot wait to wear it in the evening in Greece. Eeek so close now, though I seem to have a million and one things to do as always lol x

    • You won’t regret watching it. I started watching it by myself, but quickly realised that hubby would like it too (which thankfully he did) x

  4. I love the dress Tracey! you can def blog about fashion! I saw your tulip picture on instagram and I loved it.
    How cool is it to review chocolate! You may need that to cheer you up after my sisters keeper let me know if you like it, Ive not read it yet xx

    • I honestly think it’s the first time I have bought Tulips, but will definitely be buying them again. They just seems to have brightened the house up, which has been a good thing as I think it has rained for days now. So glad I got the dress, it was only £18 from Asda but feels so comfy on x

  5. I love spring for the tulips, I like to buy a different colour each week. I’ve also dropped heavy hints to my daughter about my love of tulips so she can help Mr S buy mothers day flowers next week. That’s a lovely dress, great print and the sleeves make it something special, you look really happy and relaxed wearing it. Mr Brightside is one of my favourite running songs, its so energetic. Have a happy week.

    • Oooo good idea of buying a different colour each week. Would you believe it’s the first time I have actually bought tulips. Aw thanks for the comments about the dress. I felt really unsure at first as it’s something I wouldn’t normally wear. But I loved it, and will definitely be wearing it on our upcoming holiday in a few weeks x

    • Thanks Rachel. I love Gilmore Girls too though we had a little break from it this week to watch The Replacement x

  6. Love your new dress! We watched the first episode of The Replacement last night and we were totally gripped too! You will definitely need the tissues for My Sister’s Keeper! It was the first Jodi Picoult I read. The film is weird because it completely changes the ending!

    • Argh I hate it when films change the ending from the book. I might take it on holiday and then I can have a good weep behind my sunglasses. I am guessing you have watched all of The Replacement now. We really enjoyed it x

  7. Love your dress! I got a cold shoulder one this week and I’m in love. It hides the tops of my arms and is so flattering. I’ll definitely be buying more!
    That chocolate is one of my favourites! SO jealous that you were sent some to review. I love the Cornish Sea Salt one – yum! xx

    • Funnily enough Morgana, I have since bought another cold shoulder dress and a top too. Definitely embracing the trend now. I never thought about them being so flattering, but you are right. I just immediately thought that my flabby arms will be too much on show x

  8. I’ve still not watched the last episode of The Replacement – it’s on tonight’s viewing list! Your new dress looks lovely and I’m so with you on the awkward pose thing. I hate having my photograph taken but now I’m trying to do a few more fashion bits, I’m feeling under pressure! I’ve not heard of that chocolate. I imagine it was delicious? xx

    • Hope you managed to catch the last episode of The Replacement. Despite it felling a little rushed towards the end we still really enjoyed it. You always look lovely in your fashion pictures Suzanne, and yes the chocolate was amazing x


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