Student accommodation abroad – Tips for parents

Studying abroad can give your kids the experience they need to become successful adults, but they need to be prepared before they go if they’re going to make the most out of this unique and valuable opportunity.

A key part of this preparation involves finding the perfect place for them to stay. There are lots of student accommodation providers in most university cities around the world, meaning that you’ll have to be savvy and shop around if you want to find the perfect place for your child to base themselves during their time studying abroad.

To help, here are some of my top tips that will allow you to review all the options available to your child and help them to pick the best one.

Set a budget

It’s important that you and your child prepare before you start your search. One of the key considerations you need to make will be the amount of money they have to spend on accommodation. Work out how many grants and loans they have access to, then calculate how much money this will amount to.

If your child does not have access to a grant, they may wish to consider getting a loan to cover their fees and living costs.  Sofi is a student loan provider and more information can be found at Then you need to find out what the cost of living is in their chosen country, and how much money your child will have left after their essential expenses. This will give you an idea of how much money they will be able to spend on accommodation.

Look for accommodation with quality amenities

A cost-effective solution is to find your child accommodation that has all the amenities they could possibly need, such as a gym and in-house cinema, so that they don’t have to spend as much money on going out and having fun. Collegiate offers premier student accommodation in popular student cities around the world, such as Madrid. These quality properties have a range of amenities including great communal areas, so your child will be able to make new friends, and make unforgettable memories without even leaving their accommodation.

Check out sites with online viewing options

When your child is preparing to study abroad, it might be hard for them to travel to the country they intend to study in to view properties. As such, you might end up not viewing their student accommodation before they leave. To ensure that you find great accommodation even though you can’t view it, use providers and landlords that have virtual tours and large galleries of photographs online. This will ensure that you can still see the property and make an informed decision, all without leaving your home.

Stay calm if you’re struggling

If you and your child struggle to find accommodation it can be easy to panic, particularly as the date of their departure nears. However, it’s important that you don’t panic, as this will upset your child and not help the situation. Instead, try using these tips to find last minute accommodation that suits their needs. Being proactive and calm will allow you to help them to find the perfect temporary home for their study abroad experience.

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