The Ordinary Moments of the Summer holidays

This is my first time linking up with the lovely Katie from mummydaddyme for the ‘Ordinary Moments’. Katie has an amazing talent for capturing the ordinary everyday moments.  Those moments that stop you in your tracks and make you feel grateful. The simple things that make us smile. Whilst our summer has been the usual whirl of holidays and days out, I wanted to remember some of the more calmer moments. The moments which have made us all smile over the summer holidays.

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Playing scrabble

When you have a teen, the only games they want to play are attached to a media device. So when we arrived at Forest Holidays to be met with a Scrabble board, I was amazed that the teen was desperate to play it. He is really competitive, just like his dad, and all he wanted to do was beat us. I was just happy to have some much needed time with him, laughing about the ‘ruder’ words we were coming up with. The board also came in handy for sending each other little notes. This one was from Katie….. bless her.

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The beach

On the eve of Morgan turning 13, we spent a lovely few hours on the beach. This was one of those ‘spur of the moment’ decisions. We quickly threw some food in a bag, grabbed the bucket and spade and headed down to the private beach where we were staying. The boys played football, Katie made sandcastles, and I watched my gorgeous family. 13 years earlier I would have been in labour about to start our parenting journey. I sat on the beach that evening thinking how lucky we were.

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Walking in the forest

I find the forest so calming. I think this is why we head back to Centerparcs every year, and have recently fallen in love with Forest Holidays. Usually ‘going for a walk’ means the teen runs to his room and hides in his bed for the next week. But suggest a walk through the forest, and he is up for it. We enjoyed lots of evening walks when we were staying near Sherwood Forest. We even managed a rare selfie of the 4 of us whilst sitting on a log.

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Kids playing together

Now my 2 have always had a love/hate relationship. They love nothing more than winding each other up and getting the other one in trouble. But during the holidays something strange happens. They actually get on FAR better. When we went to Forest Holidays they had to share a bedroom, something I was dreading. But for 7 nights they were fantastic. One night I sat outside their room as I could hear them chattering away gone 11.30pm. They had made dens out of their beds and were whispering away to each other. I sat on the floor smiling away, and couldn’t bear to go in and tell them to go to sleep. Right infront of me was an ordinary moment. An ordinary moment where my children were having fun with each other.

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A rare picture of my two together and smiling


12 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments of the Summer holidays”

  1. Awww — I LOVE that note from your daughter!! That’s so lovely 🙂 Fab that they were so interested in the Scrabble board — just goes to show that really great things do stand the test of time plus what a bonus to drag the kiddos away from a screen too! 🙂 x

    Caro |

    • It really made me smile when I saw the ‘scrabble note’ from daughter. I am all for things to take the kids away from constant screen time x

  2. Ah bless Katie that is so sweet, do you know there must have been something in the air as Jack and Joe have got on so much this summer than ever before. Isn’t it lovely to watch xx

  3. Oh how lovely of your daughter. We bring out the scrabble at Christmas and we all get far too competitive!! What a lovely thing it must have been to hear them chattering away. Reminds you that no matter how much they argue that deep down that bond will always be super strong xx

  4. Such lovely photos Tracey and I am sorry that I have only just got round to visiting- I normally visit them all a lot quicker but this week has been such a busy week. It sounds like you have had a great summer holiday and had lots of adventures as well. I have been enjoying hearing about them all on twitter. I loved playing Scrabble as a kid and Mr E and I still take a travel version on holiday and play now. That’s so sweet of your daughter. x

    • Hi Katie sorry only just replying. Your comment got lost in cyber space when I migrated over lol. I love the idea of a travel version of scrabble. Might have to get that. Thanks for your comment x

  5. Lovely to hear about your kids getting on well together on your holiday. I can so relate to having a teenager boy and a 9 year old girl who don’t get on, so I can just imagine how good it must have been to see them happy together.

    • Sorry only just replying Sarah. Some of the comments got lost in cyber space when I migrated over lol. Its very rare that they get on so well, but for some reason they tend to get on better during the holidays. Don’t worry though as normal service has resumed and back to bickering x


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