The Best European Holiday Ideas for Families with Teens

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Teenagers can be increasingly hard to please, especially when planning the perfect family holiday. If your teen loves adventure and something a little bit different, consider the following for some winning ways to engage your teens on holiday.

Cycling in Greece

If you have sporty teenagers, Greece might be the destination for you. Its unique collection of biomes and weather conditions makes it a versatile country for sports, with cycling being a great option for families seeking adventure.

There are plenty of options for your cycling plans, from a long one-way tour of the mainland to circuits of any of Greece’s many habited islands. Crete is an excellent island to tour by bike, and interesting enough to keep your teens brimming with enthusaism. 

Blue domes at Oia

Water Sports in Sardinia

The Mediterranean is a perfect destination for family activity holidays, especially if you base your excursion around water sports. The Med is a quintessential sea, which enjoys balmy temperatures year-round and implores you to its shallower depths no matter which shore you hail from. 

Sardinia is an Italian Island northwest of Sicily. It is also an incomparable destination for any number of water-sporting activities, from surfing and wakeboarding to jet-skiing and beyond. Putting a powerful vehicle in your teenager’s hands isn’t always the best answer, but with careful supervision and the right training, they can have an amazing and safe time.

Holiday Ideas for Families with Teens

Rock Climbing in Croatia

Rock climbing has been enjoying a long-overdue renaissance in recent years, with many more of us looking to local rock climbing gyms for a semi-regular hit of fun and excercise. Outdoor rock climbing is a very different beast to indoor bouldering, being harder, more dangerous and definitely more exhilarating. 

If you have a climber in your midst, Croatia is a must-visit country for teen-friendly sporting activities. Take them to Zagreb for a variety of brilliant single-pitch climbing routes, and bond over the unique difficulties posed by each increasingly frustrating problem. Another option is Paklenica, which features some of the most famous rock faces in central European.

Holiday Ideas for Families with Teens

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