What to look out for when travelling in Winter

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Now that we are returning to normal life, you may wish to organise a trip by car to a winter destination after the end of restrictions. But before you think about playing in the snow and relaxing in front of a fire, you need to think about preparing your car to ensure that it will be “ready” for the conditions you may encounter in the mountains.

travelling in Winter

Get proper information

Before you start out on your destination, look for information about the weather conditions for the route that you will follow. Find out about the condition of the road and any emergency reports of impending bad weather, so you know what you will encounter on your trip.


If there is a forecast for snow during the days of the trip or your destination is at a high altitude, the existence of chains in the car is imperative. However, these are not installed on their own, nor will you be able to experiment under challenging conditions. So to avoid difficult situations, do a rehearsal before travelling. Please make sure the chains you have fit the dimensions of your car wheels and practice fitting them.

It is not advised to use them on asphalt, and try to place them on the correct wheels. On the front axle in front-wheel drive vehicles, on the rear axle in the rear-wheel drive. As for the four-wheel-drive vehicles, place the chains on the front wheels.


Those of you who regularly travel to winter destinations know that winter tyres can save you from many difficult situations. But even if it is an occasional trip, there are steps you can take to ensure the maximum possible safety for you and your fellow passengers. Check the tread of your tyres, if the grooves still have the required depth. And at the same time, you will take care of your wallet since a slip on a wet or icy road will have very costly consequences.

If there are apparent bumps or tears in the tyre, if you have the same set for more than four years or if you have driven with them more than 40 thousand kilometres, it is good to replace them. Of course, in case you have hired a car, the tyre check will be done by the rental company itself. For example, if you use Enjoy Travel during your hire, it will take proper control of your tyres to ensure your safety and protection during your travels.

Car tyres - travelling in Winter


Heavy rain or snow can dangerously restrict your visibility if the wiper blades do not work correctly. Before the trip, check their operation and, at the same time, add water and antifreeze to the washing liquid container.

Car Electricals

In addition to a reasonable test in a workshop, there is a basic test that you can do, and it concerns the life of your battery. If pressing the throttle lights up or if the light beam is not stable at idle, then a liquid supplement or replacement is required so that your battery does not give up.

Reserve / Toolbox / Pharmacy

You never know when things will go wrong, so it’s always good to be prepared. Check the spare tyre and make sure you have a warning triangle, power cords for the battery, etc. In addition, if the obstacle occurs under challenging conditions, it will be useful to have a raincoat, gloves, flashlight, and tow rope. And of course, it would be good to check that you have a medicine box in your car for emergencies. 

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