Beanies Coffee – Review

I heard of Beanies Coffee a few months ago in my Slimming World class, and I was kindly sent 4 of the flavours to review. After trying them for the past few days I absolutely love them all, and really can not pick out a favourite. So I thought I would share some reasons why you need to try Beanie Coffee for yourself.

Beanies Coffee review

How many calories are in Beanies Coffee ?

Each serving has 2 calories. Yep 2 teeny tiny calories in each cup of coffee.

Is Beanies Coffee Syn Free on Slimming World ?

They are Syn Free for anyone doing Slimming World. I can’t believe that something so nice is SYN FREE. Obviously you need to count for any milk you put in, but it’s great that Beanies Coffee is perfect for slimmers.

Do you put milk in Beanies Coffee ?

Yes, Beanies coffee can be enjoyed with milk, or how about mixing it up a little and trying it with Almond or Soya milk.

Beanies Coffee flavours and where can I buy Beanies Coffee

There are a range of flavours on their website from Cinder Toffee to Christmas Pudding, Cookie Dough to Coconut Delight. You can also buy them from major supermarkets such as Beanies Coffee Tesco, and Beanies Coffee Sainsburys.

Can I use Beanies Coffee in cooking ?

You can use them in cooking AND baking. Because the flavours are so versatile, who wouldn’t want to use their Beanies to make Irish Cream Coffee cupcakes or Amaretto pancakes.

Is Beanies Coffee Vegan ?

The regular range of Beanies Coffee is suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians, whilst the new Beanies Coffee plus Vitamin D is suitable for Vegetarians.

I was kindly sent 4 jars of coffee from Beanies to try and all words are my own. Thank you Beanies


4 thoughts on “Beanies Coffee – Review”

  1. Love Beanies Coffee. I have a large selection at home. I always have them made with milk. Just to get the latte effect. They now do Pumpkin Spice flavour. I ordered it the other day and it’s blooming delicious.

  2. this may be a silly question but im so happy to see these are syn free, but dp they also give the same amoutn as energy and caeffeine as normal coffee? i still neeed to get through the day haha

    • Hi AJ I am not too sure to be honest. It might be better to go to the official Beanies website for the answer. Thank you


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