3 ways to modernise your old home

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Old homes have character, unusual style, and of course history. However, with old homes come energy-efficient issues and sometimes, safety concerns. With 38% of UK houses built before the Second World War, there is no doubt that many of the old houses you admire have been modernised. You will find such transformations in the bathroom, kitchen, and flooring. So, in case you own an old home and are considering modernising it, you can explore any of these options to see what works best for your style and the building.

  • Renovate the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used areas of any home, so it’s understandable that the first early signs of wear and tear happen here. It is therefore not surprising that the kitchen in an old house will need a lot of touch-ups to modernise it. Consider adding modern features like quartz countertops, open shelving and installing newer appliances.

3 ways to modernise your old home

Concentrating on using energy-efficient appliances to reduce monthly bills would be helpful. Before that can be done, the contractor may suggest redoing the wires to ensure these appliances do not become hazardous. Many of these old houses may not have been built with eco-friendly materials, therefore it helps to incorporate that into your plan. If the area is big enough, consider adding a kitchen island to increase functionality in this part of the house.

  • Incorporate smart home features

As expected, many old homes built before modern technology do not have smart home features. However, according to online reports, several people in the UK began buying the smart home idea in the late 1990s through the 2000s. With technological advancement and internet speed, smart homes have become the standard for a modern home. So, as you’re trying to modernise an old house, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to incorporate some smart home features into the building.

You can start this with the help of a smart thermometer. Equipped with AI, it learns your daily home temperature habits and works to sustain those values even when you haven’t initiated the command. Many smart homes have an electric fireplace, combining authenticity with style and functionality. Additionally, a smart door lock can introduce modernity to your old house. Even better, you can be sure of enhanced security because smart door locks have additional features that make them worth the purchase.

  • Renew the bathroom

One way to determine if a house is old is by assessing the fixtures in the bathroom. Even without being an interior decorating expert, it is easy to tell if a bathroom was designed in another era. Apart from the obvious worn-out looks in the bathroom, years of water use is also responsible for the damage you may notice. The plumbing system could have worn out and must be worked on before proceeding to the aesthetics.

3 ways to modernise your old home

When all that is done, you can focus on installing a contemporary shower head and other pieces that modern bathrooms often have. Fortunately, modern bathroom fixtures come in different designs across a wide budget spectrum. Therefore, you can find affordable modern fixtures if you don’t want to spend too much on them.

Admittedly, modernising an old home can be expensive. However, you can tackle the transformation a little at a time.


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